countdown to hasan minhaj’s birthday! 🙏🏽 for the next month, I’ll be posting some of my favorite clips and articles leading up to september 23, when hasan turns 35! here’s the fancam I made of him to start!
gotta start with a classic. homecoming king is arguably hasan’s best performance. his “audacity of equality” clip speaks to a larger running theme throughout his works. cw for slurs and islamophobia
I rewatch the Tan France x Hasan collab whenever I’m sad, their dynamic is so fun and light-hearted. Their banter is hilarious! It’s really cute how Hasan looks to Tan for advice too 🥺
I remember when this first dropped at least three people sent it to me saying "I wasted five minutes of my life because bushra wasn't included in this video" I'm honored that yall thought of me.
this was a great rundown of the muslim ban and other islamophobic legislation that could pass in the future, and you can see hasan dabbling in the style that he runs with in patriot act. I really liked his "hasan the record" segments on the daily show!
there are so many weird but funny things in this video. hasan's fixation on spicy things (representative of all brown ppl obvs). hasan struggling with cutting avocado. hasan struggling in the kitchen in general. this video is hilarious LMFAO
hasan's interview regarding his indian elections episode is SO UNDERRATED!! the cashmere/kashmir joke was brilliant. he perfectly describes what it's like to be a part of the south asian diaspora and reckon with ethno-nationalism in your own community.
feeling sentimental about this ep again. it's one of my personal favorites and one of hasan's best episodes in all of PA. the personal sacrifices he made to run this make my heart heavy, but I'm still so proud he did.
this interview with waj is perfect because waj is basically hasan's desi uncle friend and I LOVED their interactions during the whole thing. I think it's one of my favorite interviews with hasan and it's seriously worth the one hour!
anik is dropping a new song today, so I wanted to share the anik x hasan insta live from this summer!! ahhh I saved the entire thing to my computer, I’ve rewatched the full stream so many times 😭❤️
as the oldest sibling I stand by this bit. yall younger siblings steal our mannerisms, jokes, personality, clothing, interests, but don't get all the parental trauma FNJKSMFNKJN
one of hasan's recent interviews, from 2 months ago. I listened to it the week after patriot act was cancelled & think often abt his words. we fight to tell our stories on our own terms, no matter who's listening. because we demand agency.
I'm obligated to share this clip bc it truly never gets popping in med school, no matter what your brown parents try to tell you
this video broke the minternet. it broke us. I remember when the bollywood tabloid dropped this, literally every desi I knew watched the video 😳
factkin story time. this ep was teased one week before release, and I made a thread predicting what hasan would talk about. every single one of my predictions was right, down to the randomest historical legislation. so yeah I AM hasan thank you very much
I really like when hasan does impressions of what he imagines patriots/nationalists sound like because even before I knew about hasan, I did them the exact same way LOL. this clip gets me every time 😭
cw police brutality
hasan's floyd episode is arguably one of his best works. he is speaking directly to AsAms here. I was having so much trouble processing my anger at AsAms, & hasan created a clarity for my emotions. nonblack poc, this is a must-see
there's so much going on in this but it's so fun! my favorite parts were when the three were discussing their brown boy group chat, and the fact that neither of them had listened to riz's album prior to joining the livestream...about riz's album. LMFAO
hasan got so much heat for this clip but it was such a brilliant satire on the muslim equiv of "thoughts and prayers." we can't just pray antiblackness away. that was his point. yet all the wallah bros wanted to go after him for satirizing prayer. nah this was a W for sure 😌
hasan's mental health episode is easily in my top 5 favorite episodes. I mean c'mon. mental healthcare is my Brand. hasan confirming that he has an MI and that he went to therapy was so validating for me, it was incredible seeing one of my heroes talk so openly about it. ❤️
I feel like embarrassing him today so I'm bringing back this fucksjhdskjh pizza hut commercial HAKAHAHJJAHAJA I burst into a fit of laughter WITHOUT FAIL whenever I see the part where he says cheese oh my GOD
if you haven't seen hasan's correspondents' dinner is filled with so many genius lines that I still quote today LOL I'm so excited for the next time he hosts it, he was supposed to perform this year but it was cancelled due to the pandemic
I love how unabashedly muslim hasan is, so much that he can do things like try and "convert" justin trudeau as a bit and then play the azaan afterwards. he makes me feel proud to be muslim as well ;__; it's fucking cool to be muslim!!! we're funny, we're proud, we deserve agency!
since I'm like 90% sure hasan is going to test new material at his show tonight, I'm gonna post this vid where he explains how he came up with patriot act. I think it's a really powerful moment that speaks to islamophobia in the US, no matter who you are.
I like how hasan was trying to interview every democrat for PA like it was a bingo sheet LOLOL this was such a fun interview and I mean it’s a collab between my husband and my wifey 😳😳🥺🥺🥺
hasan gave this speech a few days after the pulse shooting, & he edited his speech to call out anti-LGBT sentiments that enabled this hate crime. what I love about hasan is that he fights for the justice of ALL marginalized groups, no matter the risks
I thought it was awesome that hasan testified before congress regarding our student debt crisis, after his episode on the same topic. it's sad that comedians have to do this but, I'm still glad hasan attended the hearing and spoke out about this issue!
this clip is bittersweet because it’s the last we’ll see of hasan and PA, but it still brings about hope for me. we must keep struggling and resisting against hell!!
I think this clip speaks to hasan's philosophy, something I share really closely with him. "they're not looking for us," but we look out for each other. "they're not looking for us," so we take initiative and tell our stories, on our own terms.
last clip before hasan's birthday tomorrow!! I watch this one and the previous one back-to-back, since they complement each other well. be yourself, do something that scares you, and bet on yourself, because no one else will bet on you. I try to remember those words every day!
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