YA novel of a hero who absolutely revels in being the Chosen One. It’s not ironic or played for a joke, or anything like that. Like, she’s not turning down the call to adventure. No, she’s STOKED because who doesn’t wanna be the baddest of badasses.
And when the mentor shows up she’s like “yes! Mentor! Time to level up!” And she doesn’t persist out of sheer will and determination—I mean, she does because that’s what it takes—but because “no, I know I’ll get it eventually. I’m the Chosen One, so why waste time being mad?”
And then she legitimately doesn’t get frustrated with the training montage. Like, she respects the process because she knows how it’s gonna go. Sure, there are moments of “CRAP I almost had it,” but she never doubts herself or the people around her. Her faith is unshakeable.
It takes the whole “people are counting on me” thing to a whole other level. Defeated by the antagonist? No moping and self-doubt. No, for our gal, it’s “I’m the chosen one. Maybe I can’t do this now but I know I’ll do this later because I’M THE FUCKING CHOSEN ONE BITCH!” Like
People are for real BAFFLED by this girl. No, she doesn’t succeed all the time. No, she doesn’t win every battle. No, she doesn’t have everything come easy to her, but she just does not stop. Like, her super power is unshakeable confidence or something.
She could totally be laid up after a hard fight where she was nearly killed and her friends are all “YOU COULD HAVE DIED!” And she’s seriously like “nope. Chosen One.” And this doesn’t make her reckless. It makes her both the unstoppable force AND immovable object.
She won’t take unnecessary risks or anything like that. She doesn’t think she’s immortal. The whole “you could have died” thing is true, and when she says “nope” it’s not because it’s not possible, but because she’s certain fate would intervene IF she’s doing what she’s supposed
to be doing. Like, she’s a Chosen One nerd, she knows the ropes. If she charges off before she’s ready, she’ll likely get wrecked and another chosen one gets tagged in. Does not want.
Honestly, the best bits of the story are how such a character interacts with other characters and the world around her, so you don’t lose any of the fun or compelling bits of the story.
And if you wanna get sappy, it could end with her superpower is confidence and it turns out she’s Chosen because she Chose herself and never doubted that decision or her ability so....hell yeah.
Honestly, a teenage girl who’s completely confident in herself, her abilities, and her circle would be a problem for people. Sure, a teenage girl could form and lead a whole rebellion, but be self-assured? LUDICROUS
Seriously, I’ve only described her confident. No other powers or abilities mentioned.

And she would doubt things. She would doubt systems. She would doubt people outside of her circle. She would doubt certain circumstances here and there. But herself? Why? Cuz folks tell her she
should? Because they doubt themselves? Because her being who she is and doing what she does is inconceivable to them? Which DOUBLE-STANDARD! The whole Chosen One trope is full of folk telling the chosen one to believe in themselves while said CO is often like “I can’t do it!”
There’s a whole prophecy or whatever to believe in and when the CO believes in it they’re...wrong? Make it make sense.

Anyway, she’s the baddest of badasses. So it is writ.
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