I've been absent from Twitter for a while, where I am mainly active on #onpoli and #cdnpoli topics, and some have commented on my return. It's made me think about why I took a break and what's frustrating me. So this is a self-indulgent multi-post explaining what's up. 1/11
I worry that we're losing the room for nuance and self-reflection in our politics. American politics are a vivid illustration of what happens when that gets extreme. There's so much of "my political team, right or wrong" going on. It makes me tired and sad. #onpoli #cdnpoli 2/11
Where is the room to say I'm frustrated with the lapses of judgment in the Trudeau government, in and around #WEcharity, without suggesting I think the entire government is corrupt? #onpoli #cdnpoli 3/11
Where is the room to say any amount of corruption is bad, while knowing some amount is inevitable, and not lean into the cynical view that every politician is hopelessly corrupt anyway so my corrupt side remains better than your corrupt side, no matter what? #onpoli #cdnpoli 4/11
Where is the room to acknowledge I like some of Doug Ford's leadership during #Covid19, without accusations that I'm somehow excusing other things he is doing or has done? Ford himself is not opposed to praising Trudeau where appropriate. I like that too. #onpoli #cdnpoli 5/11
Where is the room to say I'm disappointed with our new leader in the Ontario Liberal Party (sorry, but I am) while believing it's the best alternative to PC government, which I still oppose? Do I have to pretend our leader is great to be part of the team? #onpoli #cdnpoli 6/11
Where is the room to believe that some amount of coverage and concern around Chrystia Freeland's relative lack of finance experience is legitimate (she's great, btw), but beyond a certain point it absolutely veers into sexism, which it has? #onpoli #cdnpoli 7/11
The problem I have, and the ongoing frustration, is that we have only a few political parties and the idea that any one of them is going to be right or wrong 100% of the time is nonsense. The only way to believe that is to turn your rational brain off. #onpoli #cdnpoli 8/11
Supporting your party no matter what leads to politicians who believe they are entitled to your support no matter what, on every side. It leads to political discussion not aimed at extracting the best ideas, but at isolating the best "gotcha!" moments. #onpoli #cdnpoli 9/11
We get the leaders we deserve. At its best, Twitter reminds me of what's possible when everyone has the chance to talk to everyone else. At its worst, it makes me think we don't deserve any better, because we aren't capable of being better ourselves. #onpoli #cdnpoli 10/11
There's no big conclusion here, or agenda to this long post. It's just meant to explain why I go through cycles of enthusiasm and frustration with Twitter and politics in general. I believe we can be better than we are - all of us. At least we need to try. #onpoli #cdnpoli 11/11
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