a thread about kpop groups/soloists that are in alarming states or redebuted groups (hiatus,disband,company bankrupt)
let's start with XUM
xum is made by former neonpunch members, neonpunch disbanded because the company is in a bad situation and they couldn't manage neonpunch and XUM at the same time also two of the members (dohee and may) were in an undefined hiatus
members: dayeon,baekah and iaan (the pics below are in order)
their debut date is postponed due covid

each member teaser
(baek ah)
busters disbanded this month after 6 members left the group and all the original member left and their company is going to make a redebut project (busters b) adding more member and the remaining busters members (takara,minji & jieun)

orly debuted in november 17 2019 with crush on you (that's her only song)

the thing is that she is under ansent (ans former company) that company didn't pay ans for like 6 months and ans members have been mistreated by staff and she is only 17
orly has a personal ig @/_orly___ and she checks the dms so pls send her love messages
this is orly btw
PRISM had their last comeback in december and promoted in January and they cuted promotions due covid
one member left the group (dakyung) and other member is possible that she left the group (ryeowon)
this is their lastest and only comeback
their company is struggling very seriously financially and despite multiple messages, and a mass email project they continue to refuse to comment on when the group will be back
this is the mass email

thanks to @prism_update for the information
berry good
after a year of their latest cb the members have confirmed that they are going to have a comeback this september (without daye she is in hiatus) please check it when it comes
their latest cb
newkidd https://twitter.com/kwanperiod/status/1295575868941766656?s=19

their latest comeback is all self produced even the teasers and stage outfits since the company is having a hard time right now
this is one of the design for the stage outfits
gwsn https://twitter.com/lunarbuizl/status/1297190709020196864?s=19
brave girls
after an undefined hiatus of almost 3 years they came back with we ride

both groups are under dsp a company that have been in a very serious situation for really long time and covid worsened it
APRIL came back recently but there still are disband rumors and KARD is going to comeback in this month
APRIL latests comebacks

this thread is old but mbk was in bankrupt for long time
the motto of mbk trainees in pdx was "let's save mbk"
right now the monetary situation of mbk is better
also two members of DIA where absent in their latest comeback https://twitter.com/kijunggie/status/1215364096574607361?s=19
holics debuted in 2016 but they only had two comebacks one per year and their last comeback was in 2018
the only notices about holics since that were that a new member jimin was added to the group in 2019
their latest comeback
honey popcorn
they have received a lot of criticism in their debut days bc 3 of the members old jobs and because all of the members are japanese
their latest comeback was in 2019 and since 2019 their official twitter acc haven't tweeted anything
this song tells the story of one of the members mikami yua,her struggles being a SKE48 member, her decision to became a AV idol and her dream to be a kpop idol
also this member was the one who put money for honey popcorn debut

it's been a year since their latest comeback and there aren't any comeback rumor
they keep uploading content but not comeback teasers :(
their latest comeback

gugudan last comeback was in 2018 and since that only sejeong have released music, mina is now focusing in acting and sally (liu xiening) went to chuang 2020 a chinese survival and debuted under ytsn 303 (bon bon girls) the rest 6 members are in hiatus
their latest comeback
like me
they debuted 2 months ago and their company is too poor to film a debut mv so here is the debut song

and here a performance
sori https://twitter.com/soriarchives/status/1295360011959508993?s=19
this group is made with former RANIA and stellar members
they are supposed to debut this year
BADKIZ formerly known as hot place

their last comeback was in 2018 since that this is their only possible comeback the company have been postponing the comeback until it reach the goal
also this group have 19 former members... https://twitter.com/nugupromoter/status/1294746075891478535?s=19
they have been in hiatus since their last comeback in 2017 and their last video in their official channel was almost a year ago

once again an example of hunus ent horrible management
API formerly as Ho1iday
They debuted on April 18, 2019 with their only song at the moment "Fantasy" without an mv

API will be holding their first showcase in 6 december 2020
both groups are under maroo ent bonus baby last comeback was in april 2017 since that maroo only said that they were going in hiatus in 2018 and one member left the group
TEEN TEEN debuted in september 2019 and that were their last activities
blue fox
they debuted in 2018 and their debut activities were their last activities this year they upload a cover with 2 members more so the comeback rumors started but the company is really poor and the lineup keep changing
their debut
a pause on the thread to thank @nugupromoter and @nugunews for helping me with this thread thank you so much !!💗💗

right now there only three members in the groups and the company recently posted a photo saying "we girls new era"
the company is trying to recruit new members for their possible comeback
maywish had all of its original lineup leave after their first comeback ‘srr’, the company said that they’d replace the group with a new lineup but it’s been a year and only one girl has been revealed
my darling came back in 2019 and 3 members left the group and 3 more where added only two members have posted in their social medias lately and the fans think that maybe the line up will change again
whiteday is currently a 5 member project group only three of them debuted and since that they haven't had comeback and the fandom name was made by the fans
hotshot last activities as a group were in 2018 since that they haven't post anything
they have 2 inactive members,one is currently in the military service and the other one is wanna one ex member han sungwoon how is a soloist right now
i want to clarify some things
— English is not my first language as you can see how poor my grammar is
— if i made a mistake with any group feel free to tell me
— i am sick and exhausted so i probably made some incoherence (i have been working in this thread for like 7 hours)
also you can quote with a group you want to add just tell me the reason and a bit about them and i will add them
XENO-T formerly known as toppdogg
again an example of hunus ent poor management
the whole situation with xeno-t is so weird bc 8 members left the group,4 are inactive and only 5 member are active
hunus changed their name in 2018 to XENO-T claiming it will be a new start+
for the group and they debuted in japan but since that they haven't performed as a group
regarding busters b support them if you want but the company management of the group was so wrong and they keep debuting really young girls (the girls in the thread are from 2005-2006) https://twitter.com/fairymaan/status/1297601415435649024?s=19

they are both groups under ts ent the last time sonamoo had a proper comeback (not a game song) was almost 3 years ago nahyun and sumin are taking legal actions against the company to end their contracts
TW // child abuse
and former tcrng members wooyeop and taeseon accused ts ent of child abuse and also there is no clue when the group is going to have a comeback (their last comeback was in 2019)

sonamoo latest cb
+ sonamoo was supposed to have a cb this year but the company kept postponing it
this was requested this is iz company btw https://twitter.com/balloon_wanted/status/1174126305291337728?s=19
hashtag https://twitter.com/smileywoongs/status/1297661982070444034?s=19
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