(1/n): so are you interested in #BlackinGeoscienceweek @BlkinGeoscience and want to know what some of us do? I love #structuralgeology: it's the study of the deformation of the surface and subsurface of planetary bodies https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Structural_geology
2/n opportunities exist both indoors and outdoors to study the past stress the earth underwent as it is represented by strain (read: looking at cool shapes of stuff that got busted up)
3/n ductile to brittle deformation is my faves in metamorphic rocks (high temp and pressure) and salt (low temperature and pressure)
https://www.cambridge.org/core/books/salt-tectonics/introduction/46F2431F5B5A6E559CBB86A206BF146E, Hudec get al, @claraexplores
Salt is it deforms like putty on geol time scales, moves like glaciers at the surface
4/n #Salt is important to society in numerous ways: it's the origin of salary; people were paid in salt in old days. It's critical to food, water, enviro, oil/gas, economic minerals, geothermal, carbon/hydrogen storage, was the old "oil" of global politics @aapgsaltbasins
5/n structural geology work is quantitative, computative, qualitative so salary can be quite good. You can work at a desk or in the field in water resources, #geothermal, #oilandgas, research. Including field, remote sensing, modeling, data analytics #jobs https://www.researchgate.net/publication/330714737_Three-dimensional_geologic_mapping_to_assess_geothermal_potential_examples_from_Nevada_and_Oregon
6/n I love folds, structural geology informs our landscape and affects our lives. We also work modern stress and strain in the form of earthquakes/seismology, subduction @WhitneyBehr
7/n: But let's not forget about all the work that planetary structural geologists are doing... why I got into geology in the first place. Martian studies (Areology?) and impact structures (e.g., Dino killers)
8/n: Also people do lots of really cool physical models to show how these shapes form, a few off the top of my head
@timdooley and alums of the McClay group
Mountains forming
Salt basins:
10/n earthquakes in USA we are most familiar with are associated with strike-slip margins like San Andreas

Structural geo extroardinaires @geomechCooke can show you some models https://twitter.com/geomechCooke/status/1240669928702849024?s=19
& @KeepItRheol about pseudotachylites when rocks break so hard they glass up
11/n while we're talking about earthquakes: who's measuring induced seismicity?

@fracturedfola https://twitter.com/fracturedfola/status/1173646741851258880?s=19

Way more structural geology than this thread can do so look out for @BlkinGeoscience #BlackinGeoscienceweek Sept 6-12th for more👏🏾 black 👏🏾structural geos💪🏾
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