The kind of vacuous nonsense leftist intelekshuals like this spew. J S mill was an avid supporter of Eugenics and colonisation. On the moral imperatives of colonial rule of brown and blacks he was very certain. Yet this bimbo quotes Mill to add intelekshual heft?
1/n "Some are composed of people of similar civilization to the ruling country, capable of, and ripe for, representative government, such as the British possessions in America and Australia. Others, like India, are still at a great distance from that state."

Mill is very clear,
2/n white people = good for self rule

Brown people = savages not ready for Democracy. You support this view @mehartweets ? Were you even aware of this though?

Mill classified colonies on two levels. 1st & 2nd class. 1st are white settled colonies, 2nd being Brown & blacks.
3/n "Dependencies of the second class should be offered a good despotism"

The hon Mr Mill saw brown savages as only for for "good despotism". Why a civilisation as advanced as India fit only for despotism but a colony of convicts in Australia were enlightened? Race!
4/n apparently the EIC was a force of good! And again Indians are a semi barbarous people according to this worthy.

I will stop at this point but Ms @mehartweets googling wikiquotes does not make you an intellectual but an intelekshual. Get an education on these topics
In the interest of fairness, I must add, Mill did soften his position in his later days, he called out of the rapaciousness of the EiC RULE but not once did he recant his position that Indians were half naked savages and that England should simply leave India.
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