Currently, there is no consensus or mandated law on wearing masks inside schools/classrooms around the world.
While there is ongoing research on class sizes, it would seem important to mandate masks INSIDE classrooms for all schools throughout Canada. #abed #ableg #hcsmca
Instead, individual school boards decide on masks inside classrooms.
Calgary has decided to mandate masks for all school children (KG through Grade 12) while Edmonton Public is mandating it for gr 4-12.
Others mandate masks only in hallways #abed #ableg #hcsmca
I can’t help but feel this will be a “real-life experiment” on COVID case-outbreaks and control thereof, comparing school districts with mandated masks inside classrooms vs those without masks. #abed #ableg #hcsmca
Should we rather not err on side of caution? eg:
1. Mandate masks INSIDE classrooms
2. Have 3-6 week slow roll-out of school with a mix of in-class learning (at 50% of class-size) & online learning, followed by full return to school if no increase in cases? #abed #ableg #hcsmca
Schools have not started yet. It is not too late to change this.
I would much rather have people say in hindsight that we overreacted, than people say we didn’t react fast enough #abed #abhealth #hcsmca
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