While I’ll always ❤️ NYC, I think its good that there's a convo about ppl leaving.

For years the city has used it’s economic success, growth and air of exceptionalism as an excuse to avoid addressing glaring structural problems and quality of life issues.

This has to stop...
…runaway gentrification has led to the rapid + unsustainable rise in housing costs and increasing disparities in class/race.

Instead of commiting to ambitious housing development plan, city leaders basically said “this is NYC, people are still moving here, let’s do little..”
…while other global cities committed to ambitious expansion of mass transit projects that improved quality of life and brought down housing costs, New York, comforted by it’s position as a pre-eminent metropolis did little….
…there are literally piles of trash strewn across the city’s streets. The situation has gotten so bad that people no longer notice the rats when they go for walks.

Instead of commiting to change, New York basically said “meh, love it or leave it!"
…I could go on, but New York has stagnated. I hope that this economic crisis is a much needed push for the city to embrace bold new ideas that actually solve the city’s problems instead of just coasting along on status…

The future of the city depends on it.
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