Clearly an inspiration from his parents, conservation work & supporting communities to protect their natural environment for future generations has been a top priority for Prince William.
(We haven't been able to include everything as there has been so much!)
His first patronage, TuskTrust promotes conservation & tackling illegal wildlife trade through education and community supported action. Prince William has been patron since 2005. With TuskTrust, William has travelled to Kenya, Namibia, Tanzania and more.
Prince William has consistently sent the message that ivory is a symbol of destruction, not of luxury. It is known that his Royal ancestors have not always seen it this way, & Prince William is using his position to change the perspective of the ivory trade.
Prince William with TuskTrust attends the awards annually. There is the Prince William Award which is a lifetime achievement award, recognising an outstanding dedication and exceptional contribution to conservation & gives a £40,000 grant to support their work.
Prince William also pushed for the creation of the Tusk Wildlife Ranger Award to ensure the Rangers, who are typically unsung heroes, are recognised for their dangerous work on the frontlines to prevent poaching. The award includes grant of £10,000.
During lockdown, Prince William participated in the virtual #TuskLewaSafariChallenge which raises funds to support Rangers protecting wildlife in Kenya.
The Royal Foundation set up United for Wildlife, UFW works to tackle illegal wildlife trade- bringing together conservation organisations,governments,&global corporations. UFW offers free courses, enabling broader education of effects,causes&consequences of illegal wildlife trade
UFW focuses on community-led conservation, education & restoration. UFW helps give support at grassroots level to enable communities to protect, restore and safeguard their local environment. Giving them the tools so they can grow independently for the future.
UFW puts the focus of supporting and highlighting local communities rather than a ‘white saviour’ ideology, by focusing on the needs of the local community and cultures. By sharing conservation techniques, local communities have the autonomy and ability to fight illegal poaching.
In March 2016, The Duke unveiled an ambitious, transport industry-led Declaration developed by the transport sector to crack down on illegal wildlife trafficking routes, signed by global transport leaders at Buckingham Palace. This means less ability to globally, illegally trade.
The Financial Action Task Force, money laundering & terrorism funding watchdog, estimates that illegal wildlife trade is worth up to £18.5b annually. In collaboration with UFW,the report assesses money laundering aspects of wildlife crimes& provides guidance on how to combat this
Prince William set up the task force and like the transport declaration beforehand, the financial task force ensures global financial corporations "will not knowingly facilitate or tolerate financial flows that are derived from IWT and associated corruption."
The financial declaration aka Mansion House Declaration also commits for global financial companies to share resources to tackle the issue. 30 global banks & financial organisations such as Standard Chartered,HSBC,RBS & Bank of America, and agencies and regulatory bodies signed.
Prince William successfully through United for Wildlife has disrupted the transport and financial channels that illegal wildlife traders use. A huge step to combat IWT.
William regularly attends the International Wildlife Trade Conference- working with the Commonwealth & UK alongside his patronages to collaborate and support the end of illegal poaching. In 2018 he gave the keynote speech opening London's conference.
In 2015,Prince William visited China on a diplomatic visit. Whilst there,he used his diplomacy to go on state television and discuss the need to stop purchasing ivory & the impact. Tusk CEO praises William on having "no small part" to do with China banning domestic trade in ivory
At the World Economic Forum- Prince William held "Conversation with David Attenborough." Where he interviewed Sir David. William said Sir David was “the single most important impact in my conservation thinking." Watch the amazing interview here:
Conservation isn't about quick wins as Prince William said,but since 2014:
China the biggest trader banned domestic ivory trade
The price of ivory has fallen by 75%
Financial&transport sectors have become closed to illegal traders
UK,Singapore,USA&Hong Kong signed near total ban
There have been so many more highlights, initiatives, engagements & background work, but here is just a general overview of our favourites.
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