I want Trump to lose in a landslide.

I want Trump and his gang of wannabe tyrants defeated and prosecuted.

I want the GOP politically eviscerated. (I've devoted 20 years of my life to that goal.)

I don't think all Dems and Republicans are the same.
MY 2020 POSITION (cont):

However, after 20 years inside the system, including 2 Dem presidential campaign war rooms, I believe it is impossible to defeat fascism by pandering to it and enabling it. I reject the idealized notion that the Democratic Party is a beacon of morality.
MY 2020 POSITION (cont):

Under full Democratic control, kids were caged, the NRA controlled gun policy, rampant inequality worsened, the oligarchy was empowered, babies were droned, protests were put down with force, and on and on.

More here:
MY 2020 POSITION (cont):

I don't believe we should worship politicians. They work for us.

So I will call out the Democratic Party's moral failures because I believe THAT'S HOW WE DEFEAT TRUMP, by being better, not by being GOP-lite.

History proves that.
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