In 2016, on a very careful read of exits and polling data - I knew if the “Very Left” stuck with Bernie they would lose.

If they had chosen a new leader to promote their movement - they would have built on some of their momentum

Nina Turner will further sink their movement
Nina Turner

Was brought on CNN to critique the Biden/Harris campaign

Really Anderson? @andersoncooper

In addition to Turner never winning an election. Turner was in charge of South Carolina for Sanders.

Do I also need to remind ppl Biden won most of New England!
How did this happen!

How did Biden beat the breaks off of Bernie?

Biden had to spend not a dime or a day in a state to win it?

And Bernie barely won his home state - “ The Most Popular ..


The Progressive left has yet to understand when they have triggered opposition
There was evidence of that in the very Harvard Harris poll Berners loved to post:

From 2017- to 2019

Bernie negatives were growing and his support was shrinking

That showed Bernie was on a negative trajectory

.The 30% he was trying to win w/ was forecasted in these polls
Bernie Sanders supporters would drop polls into my mentions- as if they dropped a mic.

And I would wonder if they were blind.
These are the numbers Bernie Sanders and Bernie Sanders patterned groups ended up with;

And I Am telling you- you could have predicted this using his trending polling data,

Each month Bernie would lose a certain amount of support.
Sanders appearances didn’t correlate with increased support!

Quite the opposite

Bernie supporters often thought Clinton won on pure name recognition.

But greater name recognition didn’t help Sanders and

Pete won Iowa coming from an unknown
Name recognition only works when you have a brand someone can get behind;

Have y’all met Sanders;

He speaks in yells
He isn’t always right on the policy

He doesn’t quite live in the ideals he proclaims
Now the movement wants to jump from Sanders to Nina

Talk about a self own

Didn’t you just elect a midwestern, young woman with a compelling story life story who can speak passionately about poverty and injustice

Nah! Too obvious
We the establishment

Are not your enemy. We don’t have to be.

You guys can do bad all by yourself.
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