Huge protest against Lukashenko in Minsk today.
Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov says he sees attempts to 'provoke bloodshed' in Belarus.

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Military men around Stela in Minsk.
Belarusian soldiers with automatic rifles on the streets of Minsk.
Unmarked armed men in Minsk.

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Protesters arriving at Stele which is guarded by soldiers.
A closer look on the soldiers and riot police near Hero City Obelisk in Minsk.
One of the opposition leaders ask protesters to move away from the soldiers guarding Stele.
Center of Minsk right now.
Security forces now blocking the road to the Flag Square, where protesters are heading.
Protesters arrived at the security cordon line.
BTR-70 APC leaving the Lukashenko residence's gates in Minsk.
The same BTR-70 spotted on the street.
More riot police gathering around Lukashenko's residence as the protesters column is closing in.
According to the reports, Lukashenko is present in the building at this time.
#BREAKING: Lukashenko's evacuation from the Independence Palace is underway, NEXTA reports.
Helicopter descending to land at the Palace of Independence and evacuate Lukashenko from the area.
Presidential helicopter at the helipad near Independence Palace.
More shots of a presidential Mil Mi-8 arriving at Lukashenko's residence.
BTR column on the streets of Minsk.

photo via @belteanews
I need to apologize, I was wrong about Lukashenko being evacuated from the Independence Palace.

In fact, he just arrived. With a fucking automatic rifle in his hand.
Lukashenko walking around his residence with a rifle after landing.
Meanwhile riot police heading to the center of Minsk.
Belarusian Mil Mi-24 gunship spotted airborne over Minsk.
Lukashenko inside of a helicopter before landing.
Military column heading to the center of Minsk.
Snipers at the Independence Palace roof.
Lukashenko presidential helicopter departed the Independence Palace.
Lukashenko came out to the cordon near the residence and thanked the security forces.
Press agency of Lukashenko says he will stay at the Independence Palace.

( @KFM936)
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