This post has been bothering me since I came upon it yesterday. Child marriages, rape, sex trafficking etc isn't new to India or the world. Yet when women finally find the courage or in this case choose to risk being murdered over being raped again, many now immediately judge her
to be a lying, opportunist trying to manipulate the judicial system for money. The comments under this thread & the retweets is more than disturbing. Why do we as #SouthAsian people always choose to vilify women? Why do we bring women who are fighting for justice down to voice
men's issues? Women from all backgrounds have ALWAYS had to fight ALONE for equality & justice. We STILL DO. We have & still fight for men's issues to be addressed & treated as seriously as our own issues. The irony of the many comments under this thread is glaring to anyone
paying attention to the issues being raised by women & men. I don't have a platform, I know I'm a nobody & me writing this thread isn't going to change a damn thing. But I also know that there are MANY Women & Men who feel as frustrated, disappointed & angry that our community is
so divided on EVERY DAMN THING. The people with a platform like this woman are not interested in helping to resolve issues, or be a voice of cohesion. As a society, we always keep quiet. Make excuses, brush stuff off b/c "it's not our problem". But it IS OUR PROBLEM.
As South Asians, are we really so damn weak? Are we just a bunch of hypocritical, opportunist douchebags that follow others just b/c it allows us to dismiss our individual responsibilities? I'm angry with my South Asian counterparts for their silence & cowardliness.
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