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What do you prefer? 5-year-old Chae Hyungwon or 5 Chae Hyungwons? Why?

#몬스타엑스 #MONSTA_X
Do you prefer Hyungwon as your younger brother or older brother? Why?

@OfficialMonstaX #몬스타엑스 #MONSTA_X
What concept do you think fits Hyungwon the most? Why?

@OfficialMonstaX #몬스타엑스 #MONSTA_X
If Hyungwon would sing you a MONSTA X song before you sleep, what would it be? And why?

@OfficialMonstaX #몬스타엑스 #MONSTA_X
Give one word to describe Chae Hyungwon.

@OfficialMonstaX #몬스타엑스 #MONSTA_X
If Hyungwon would come to your house for dinner, what food will you serve him? And why?

@OfficialMonstaX #몬스타엑스 #MONSTA_X
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