Marine (Gulf of Kutch) National Park

The Marine National Park was established in 1982 under the provisions of the Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972 of India.

It is the first National Marine Park of India
Marine (Gulf of Kutch) National Park

There are 42 islands on the Jamnagar coast in the Marine (Gulf of Kutch) National Park , most of them surrounded by reefs. Major ecosystem types available are coral reefs, mangroves, mudflats, creeks, Sea grass, & Sea weeds, estuaries,etc.
National park is an area which is strictly reserved for the betterment of the wildlife & biodiversity, and where activities like developmental, forestry, poaching, hunting and grazing on cultivation are not permitted. Their boundaries are well marked and circumscribed.
Marine (Gulf of Kutch) National Park

Marine National Park (Gulf of Kutch) is situated on the southern coast of the Gulf of Kachchh in the Jamnagar district of the state of Gujarat. Marine National Park is the first National Marine Park of India.
Dominant Flora

Mangroves, Saag, Sesam, Kheru, Limda, swamp forests, mudflats, various types of sea grasses and sea weeds.
Dominant Fauna

Gangetic Dolphins, Giant Crabs, Ray Fish, rarely found Balooga whales, Giant Leather Back Turtles, Horn Fish, colorful corals and sponges, giant sea anemone, jelly fish, sea horse, octopus, pearl oyster, Portuguese man of war, starfish, dolphin, shark etc.
My take- Marine national parks r very rare and beautiful .. one must visit it once ...

and abt Gujrat the famous phrase is


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