🦍: I met Hyunsuk, he called me when we made our comeback, They went through a lot to debut and they debuted with good song, Treasure fighting, We met everyone Ateez and 1team and Oneus

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🦍: Leedo is really shy, he can be comfortable with me I keep tell him that I know it could be pressure I'm not like that usually but I feel like we can be close! so I told him to talk comfortably with me
- Isn't he's scary
🦍: Why he would be scared he is taller than me!!
- Ryujin
🦍: Do you mean Shin Ryujin? since M9 .. ah that survival show and after we were just greeting each other we never talked, nothing special.. anyway fighting
#ONF #온앤오프
🦍: We are so close with Ateez, They will definitely come to our waiting room whenever we told them to come to play around they all just come and rest in our waiting room it must be comfortable for them since we're close, not all of them tho..
#ONF #온앤오프
- Are you still in contact with Hongjoong and Byounggon
🦍: Yes of course, I call Hongjoong a lot but I didn't call Byounggon that much since he's busy, I talk to Rubin a lot today, BC too the boy BC
#ONF #온앤오프
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