Hey ! This is the first time am writing thread idk how it gonna go but yeah here I am 😉
Yeah so am a #ShehnaazGill fan , I do like #SidNaaz but I can't Call myself a shipper because ik who gonna be my priority always so ya this is Shehnaaz fan who wanna say how many time the #KingOfHeartsSidharth @sidharth_shukla won my heart and his qulaities I always admired
There was no reason for him to congratulate Asim as they both are not even in contact , but still he did! Because he didn't wanted even a bit of hatred his fans face , he himself being such man with a big heart is all I admire
#KingOfHeartsSidharth https://twitter.com/sidharth_shukla/status/1297066134605193216?s=19
Everyone knew once he see the tweet he'll reply for sure , even I knew because that what the man is, always ready to help
The surety we all had because we know he always come through
His nature of giving is what I admire
#KingOfHeartsSidharth https://twitter.com/sidharth_shukla/status/1296089205647396864?s=19
Many ppl thought that he just gonna reply and never look back, but nope he did what was asked , he did everything in his power and make sure that the help reaches
Many say fans are family, but he's one of them who actually mean it
#KingOfHeartsSidharth https://twitter.com/sidharth_shukla/status/1296110637462904832?s=19
This ! Ppl did had different opinions but he came ,clarified and that's true celebs don't know what's going within there fandom, but still he apologized on behalf of his fans
Not easy to say sorry when you aren't at fault
#KingOfHeartsSidharth https://twitter.com/sidharth_shukla/status/1295744413805629443?s=19
I loved this one, it's been years now Pratyusha left , but this did touch my heart
The care & concern he has for his co-actors and even the ppl he work with is something that should be appreciated
#KingOfHeartsSidharth https://twitter.com/sidharth_shukla/status/1293100926878851076?s=19
Lmaoo 😂! This idk but is kinda special I even bookmarked this ..
He tweeting this is enough to make sure that when they both are friends why there fans should fight
His different ways of ending fandoms wars
#KingOfHeartsSidharth https://twitter.com/sidharth_shukla/status/1284052353159557122?s=19
I love when he just appreciates his fan and give them a heart attack by replying avaiy..
It's so easy for his fans that they can easily communicate there love for him
Again he do mean when he says his fans are family #KingOfHeartsSidharth https://twitter.com/sidharth_shukla/status/1276234685723537408?s=19
This was the time when many shippers thought they wouldn't get any acknowledgement as no shipper fandom get
But he always keeping love over any fandom
Yes he mean it as long as "Sid" is in it , it dosent matter
#KingOfHeartsSidharth https://twitter.com/sidharth_shukla/status/1263367399006339072?s=19
I never thought him as an emotional person untill family task happened , the way he just smiles , laughs , cries like a small baby whenever he is with his mom,It's heartwarming to watch that a well built man being so soft
#KingOfHeartsSidharth https://twitter.com/sidharth_shukla/status/1259344271083073537?s=19
When he knew that things are not gonna stop untill he puts it up , he came live with a motto just to explain that BB is over and we do need to end fam wars , he always cares for his every fan
#KingOfHeartsSidharth https://twitter.com/sidharth_shukla/status/1242348778675245057?s=19
His first interview , where we saw the candid sidharth again after BB , this was the best one, he as an aura which automatically makes you respect him, he being happy , saying everything without a doubt was something I loved a lot
#KingOfHeartsSidharth https://twitter.com/sidharth_shukla/status/1235510560436846593?s=19
Yeahh the endless thankyous! Believe me I was so bored of him thanking everybody again & again
Agreed it was his fans was always there but he won the show because of he himself, but still he gave the whole credits to his fans
#KingOfHeartsSidharth https://twitter.com/sidharth_shukla/status/1234777380536774656?s=19
The first initiate he took to end and explain ppl that it's over we should not pull ppl down now ...
He has tried it for n number of times now to stop fandom wars but we being we still can't get over it
#KingOfHeartsSidharth https://twitter.com/sidharth_shukla/status/1233356153696014340?s=19
So ya this is it , I hope this reaches to you @sidharth_shukla and you get to know that there are ppl like me who may be from opposite fandom but they do respect and admire you a lot
Thanks a lot for teaching many aspects of life to us ❤️
Yeahhhhh so am leaving it on luck that it reaches you , you read it , and you believe that there is positivity✨
And there are ppl from opposite fandom that respect you a lot
Okay ? @sidharth_shukla
Mein abse sunny ke videos nai dalugi promise 😩😩
Padhlo yaaaaaaaaar
@sidharth_shukla @sidharth_shukla
Youuuuuuu neeeeedddddddd to knowwwww thattt am not a fake Id
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