William Dalrymple is a racist. You can read his In Xanadu where its very obvious. And make sure to rate it on Goodreads
Sharing a few reviews
"he book lacks a human perspective, with stereotyping and a certain condescension towards the various locals he meets (and even befriends)"
"but Dalrymple can't resist making snide comments about people as they struggle to speak English to him. The non-whites in the book inevitably receive caricature-like portrayals. This happens enough that it becomes difficult to ignore."
Excerpts from the book
""The Mongols were ugly and inquisitive...Lou suggested that they were all cousins and had interbred: that, certainly, would explain both their unusual stupidity and how so many of them managed to live in so few houses."
Another excerpt
""Good looks have been shared out unevenly among the Turks. Their men are almost all handsome...But the women share their menfolk's pronounced features in a most unflattering way...Here must lie the reason for the Turks' easy drift out of heterosexuality."
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