i like the new rose garden! sorry
i liked the old one too and i hope they transplanted the historic trees and whatnot someplace else but i think whatever landscape designed they hired did a really nice job! space probably feels a lot more open
melania didn't like, do that personally. she doesn't know anything about gardens. she just hired someone. and she hired someone pretty good imho! i'd add some decorative alliums maybe for a fun little bit of structure
it makes those pillars stand out! it looks classical. you can have a crabapple tree anywhere but you can't have architecture like that anywhere, you should work with it
practicing self care and not sending up a chud bat signal by replying
folks plants don't live forever. i understand its upsetting but your average apple tree is gonna give you 60 years, a rose 20 or 30, a tulip bulb a tight 3-5. gardens aren't meant to be immortal things frozen in time. gardens change just like plants and people do
when we talk about a historic garden, it usually means it's a garden laid out in a period appropriate way, with period appropriate plants. we don't mean it's the exact same plants capability brown planted. they all died before the war. people just preserve ideas
i promise the original garden is okay, and still alive, just one layer down now underneath this new garden. a plant doesn't have the same sort of concepts of life and death as mammals do. crabapples didn't go extinct. crabapples just go on and on
and no it's not a fucking money laundering scheme. it's some nice landscape architecture nerd's most important work of their life. it's an incredible honor and i think they did a nice job and if the world still exists in a decade we can plant tulips then
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