My moms friend is reading inspirational quotes to me off Facebook and I want to be euthanized
I think they don’t realize I’m smart this is so painful
Broooo these are so bad I never have to hear or read these what are people reading on Instagram and Facebook the other one has Instagram open and it’s so infantile
Oh my God “There is a special place in my heart for the ones that were with me when I was at my lowest and still found me loveable” I’m going to kms she keeps reading them about love love laugh travel etc
“I know you are busy. If can you take five seconds to thank God Your day will be good” ma’am we are muslim I know
bro they asked me to bring down my makeup stuff and I thought we changed topics but now she’s still reading them as my mom and her other friend look at my makeup please take a break these quotes are bad
Broooo “a woman held an angel in her body for 9 months like this post if that angel is you” why is she still reading them
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