Welcome back to the Seafood Porn Series, today I'm offering you Seroroki based on this thread of beautiful illustrations.
Get ready to be educated on lobsters! https://twitter.com/coochiteque/status/1296511176793366529?s=19
Seafood Porn Part 2
The Lobster and the Squid

SeroRoki, background KiriBaku
Lobster!Todoroki, Flying Squid!Sero
CW: mentions of cannibalism (but in a funny way), tentacles, lots of pee, true facts about lobsters and squids you probably didn't want to know about
I dedicate this thread to people who expected it to be them when they read the first part of the sentence.
Part 1 with KiriBaku (oyster!Baku, human!Kiri) available here https://twitter.com/coochiteque/status/1289340628904620033?s=19
The Lobster and the Squid

Another very sexy tale, now with pee and tentacles
Lobsters are solitary creatures. And although he has a couple of friends, Todoroki is perfectly fine with his way of life. He likes having his peace and quiet. He likes not having to bother with being polite or reading social cues. And today… he’ll have neither of those.
His good friend Bakugou, the angriest oyster he’s ever met, is getting married to a human, and as the lobster king—a title he got when he ate his good for nothing father—it’s Todoroki's duty to attend the royal oyster wedding.
He’s happy to find out that his best friend, Midoriya, has been invited as well. He likes the green crab. He’s the first person who taught him that food could be friends too, even when they have delicious pincers that grow back later anyway. And Midoriya is very, very tasty…
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