I'm following since his drama jane pehchane se yeh ajnebi i was 7 year old at that time my elder sis has a huge crush on him. Then his become a part of our household when he came in balika vadhu i was over the moon with his entry.
I used to say I'll marry SHIVRAJ when I'll Grow up. My friends know about my crush on him. I'm supporting hin since i don't have exposure to social media. When he's in jhalak dikhla jaa i ised to vote for him thru a pco. And did msgs with all of my elders phone.
I'm that much about him. I've watched Humpty Sharma ki dulhaniya in theatre,for the first Time I've lied to my parents bunked school spent all my pocket money on the Ticket. But this is all worth it because i got to see sid. I was merely in my teens at that time.
I even got harassed by a pervert in the theatre coz of my stupidity Watching the film all alone. My parents didn't know about this tho. You know what I'm hella scared when sid came in bb because i used to roast bb contestants. And my sis made fun of me that how
Will I'm gonna roast him. I cried that night coz bb is a controversial show n i knew sid is a very reserve person how would he survive in that made house. And then I watched it and falls in love with him all over again.
I've fell'n love with Shehnaaz coz I've seen and understand her thru sids perspective. Just coz i love #SidNaaz doesn't mean I'm not a #Sidheart or sid fan but u know what I don't want this tags coz that lil girl in me had loved him since without any conditions.
Just coz I don't give imp to fithy tweets abt him doesn't mean I'm not his fan. Many people here have started loving him because of bb or either they love #SidNaaz
I've loved him since ages n the shit u say affects me badly then I'm not his fan
I don't need to prove it but I just can't help I'm a human too. You guys don't know what he meant to me. So don't question my love for him. Because you'll hit my very territorial nerve. And i dont want to insult any1 here.
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