It's so cool that @seis_matters will be one of this years Royal Institution Christmas lecturers - for numerous reasons: [TL;DR watch this years RI Christmas lectures]
(1) He's a great speaker, and will no doubt enthuse a host of young [and old!] people about science.
(2) He's black, and grew up in a working class family, in fact he's the first (!) black RI Christmas lecturer. His previous work on the BBC has already demonstrably convinced many black kids that science is for them; and boy do we need more diversity in science!
(3) He's a geologist, and for a lecture series on climate change, that's a big deal. Geology has a dig-it-up sell-it-quick screw-the-consequences image, which is, unfortunately, somewhat (but not wholey) deserved. But if we want to sort out this climate crisis, we need geologists
whether you're sustainably digging up critical metals for renewable technology, forensicly investigating our impact on earth, figuring out how to get carbon back into the ground for good, or mitigating the consequences of what we've already brought upon ourselves, we need geos!
If you cant tell, I find this very exciting news, and I can't wait to watch the RI christmas lectures this year, and I think you should too. Congratulations @seis_matters, and good luck!
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