also i cannot BELIEVE i haven’t made one of my characteristically long and rambly threads about michael and louisa watching w359. i would do it about buffy and be more on brand for me but like w359 canonically exists as a show and i want louisa to be gay for. hm. hera i think.
like she’s gay for all the women a little bc she has taste (tho her crush on maxwell ends abruptly once maxwell messes w hera) but hera is her ride or die. also i think these two are strongly anti villain so i think michael is gay solely for eiffel
they both hate kepler so much like So Fucking Much and not in the way i hate kepler yk. they rly hate him. arguments abound on jacobi and how they feel abt him by the end of the show.
also i think michael is a bit of a tin hat minlacer like every time they get close to each other he’s like Louisa They’re Going To Kiss and every single time they Don’t and but he never fails to get his hopes up
also louisa 100% gets that jacobi is gay from like the start but michael is jsut as surprised as lovelace
louisa: u rly couldn’t tell? what did u think abt maxwells line abt j wanting to see what k Rly Thought Of Him
m: idk like as a coworker or something!
l: as a cowor- oh my gd i gotta remember im talking to the guy who was in love w his best friend for 10+ years and didnt know it
they watch memoria and louisa is like if this sounds like nica it doesn’t because it does no it doesnt. Oh they should invite nica to watch w them actually i think that would be nice. nica is very into lovelace. also nica kins minkowski and hera.
kepler: lovelace lets play chess

michael and louisa: BOOOOOOOOO [throws popcorn at the screen]
i’ve taken nica back out of this thread actually bye bye nica this is michael and louisa bonding time also i’d go too crazy thinking abt nica and w359 there’s just So much to say abt that honestly like variations on a theme... screams
louisa flips her shit during hera’s monologue at the funeral and pauses the TV to recite anya’s the body speech word for word and michael is like. Oh my gd you are such a nerd!!! you are such a nerd how did i not know how much of a nerd u are! and she’s like shut up trenchcoat
its MY thread i can give louisa a buffy obsession if i want to!!! anyway she talks ad nauseum abt how minkowski = buffy and michael is like. louisa you can say you’re a Protagonist it’s okay you can admit it i’ll be your supportive sidekick
they’re watching minkowski commanding and louisas like u think gemma would like this show. and michael’s like i have no clue we spoke like five times and she was very mean to me all five of those times i respect your friendship but i am a bit scared by it
there’s moments where something happens eg the timeloop episode or the star turning blue or eiffel surviving in cryo. and michael or sometimes both of them will be like Oh leon would have HATED this. and theyr like :]
louisa voice michael you’re a maxwell michael voice just bc i was into leon doesn’t mean i’m going to be into the robots that share his voice/brain/whatever louisa voice that was NOT what i MEANT you weirdo
also since michael canonically would cosplay a genderbent minkowski(i Think) i think he should and i think mallory should bully him for it. i don’t think they’ve ever really interacted in canon but they should and mallory should be very mean to michael it would be funny
mt+la halloween costumes genderbent minkowski and eiffel. i am a genius i think.
hmmm also i think they’re both very into lovelace’s relationship w like. Destiny and Rebirth and Being Your Own Person and whatnot. i think that hits.
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