Long thread.

I write this, trying to find the strength and focus to keep fighting for the disabled community, and our rights.

Because sadly that is a fight that has to happen in Canada.

But it gets harder by the day.

Many friends I have made over the last few months fighting for this vanish, in a couple cases a family member is kind enough to message informing me they took their life.

In other cases they no longer have access to a device to get on twitter.

Some are homeless now.

My personal story is winding down as well, my family recently fell apart because of the financial burden I create, and the cost of my meds too much.

My disease progresses, and my body loses more of its ability to function properly.

I have to leave the home we struggled to make, the family I had dreamed about my entire life, the goals and dreams we formed.

The only things I had to look forward too.

Now, facing homelessness, as my disease makes it a death sentence to find a shelter...

I lose the one thing I could provide in life, as a stay at home father to my baby girl.

Over the last two years I have been the one changing her, playing with her, learning with her, when I had the spoons we would go on adventures...

I taught her how to walk, most of her words, colours, numbers.

We dance, sing, read, and do everything together.

Because the burden I created saw her mother need to work all the time.

My situstion stole so many moments from her mother.

But it was how I could contribute.

I will not be able to continue to do that, and am faced with a choice.

Do I live in a tent near the home that was once mine, near the people who used to be family, just to be able to continue to be in her life?

Or do I do the one thing I have left that can help...

Do I dissapear, so my daughter is not exposed to my situation, me living in a tent for however long I can survive until maybe my application is approved, if it is?

As my mental health, which includes PTSD, abusive father, abusive relationships...

The loss of my abilities, a disease, the pandemic, financial issues, looming homelessness, my family falling apart, and the fact I will get worse, do I need the mental abuse of #ODSPoverty on top of that?

My daughter, thankfully, will forget me very quickly, as my only option is to dissapear.

She can not live with me in a tent, and her mom has many options if I completly dissapear.

The only thing that has kept me going was taking care of my little pumpkin.

Because I am disabled, because I got a disease that "just happens" and does not have a cure, because being a father to my daughter was not enough of a contribution, disappearing is outweighing the other options.

All of the services reply to my story with offers of help and offering me emergency rides to the nearest woman's shelter, bit that service is rescinded once I inform them I am male.

And there is nothing I have found that can provide me any genuine help.

211 which helps people find services, hung up on me. Because they were overwhelmed by all of my situations.

People tell me to do a fund me, but I and my situation are one of countless, and I have no desier to take help others may get.

I will be on a podcast recording this Monday, one of the many things we have been able to do in our ever expanding fight.

But after that, even my ability to fight for my rights and other's rights is potentially ending.

I have fought my way through every single day I have been alive.

I helped give life to an angel, and she will not know me, helped her mom build a place to call home, and get the job of her dreams.

And that will comfort me, knowing my sacrifices built them up.

I stand at a crossroads.

There are so many others here, different stories, same choices.

One path is helped by our government allowing us to live, the other is forgotten to history, reflecting on the little we have to reflect on.

This is avoidable, but humanity does not care.
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