Black Goo A.I.
My theory..
It's been in the universe since before humanity..
I believe it was the downfall of babylonia
Reptilians are subservient to this A.I.
Why did the British invade the Falklands in 1982?
What was so important?
Was their another reason?
Black Goo used in Mecca and the Vatican..
This seems to be already on this planet
How long has it been here??

The British apparently brought this back to Britain.. why?
Funny it turning up in the Falklands in a D.U.M.B. SAS soldiers recovered this and returned with it..
Michael hesseltine knows
1982 Falklands war
Alien conflict and Black Goo
So close to the breakaway nazi's in baroloche, Argentina..
Wonder if there is a connection?
Mars Germans and the Occult
They have links to Black Goo ai
They seem to sourced this from Cobalt
A crashed ship on the moon
Sounds like the Black Goo wanted to be found..
German supercomputer?
Mars Germans
The Fifth Column
Just my opinion
Nano weaponry
Heard of it?
No me neither
H.A.A.R.P N.A.S.A. Chemtrails
Soft kill/mind control
Evil Tech we paid for to be used against us
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