Dear election officials in MI, WI, FL, & IL. Your precinct ballot scanners are NOT FEDERALLY CERTIFIED bc they contain cellular modems that connect 2 the INTERNET. Pls confirm u will remove the modems b4 November. TY. #RemoveTheModems @JocelynBenson @WI_Elections @FLSecofState 1/
These ES&S ballot scanners with modems installed are not even federally certified to @EACgov’s ludicrously lax standards. It is the definition of insanity that election officials in MI, WI, FL, & IL plan to use this equipment in a presidential election. #RemoveTheModems 2/
As noted, these modems connect the ballot scanners to the internet. Election officials must remove them now. #RemoveTheModems 3/
5/ GIF in post 1 by @RonRichman!
6/ @CynthiaMcFadden did a TV expose of ES&S’s ballot scanners w/ wireless modems in January. As she reported (& as previously reported by @KimZetter in print), the central tabulators connect to the internet to receive the modem transmissions. Yet officials left them in?! Why?!
This is a huge risk. Central tabulators are the county systems that aggregate all precinct totals. Having them connect to the internet to receive these cellular modem transmissions from precinct ballot scanners is unnecessary & reckless. 7/
. @RonWyden authored two bills that would have banned these cellular modems that ES&S & election officials installed in ballot scanners in WI, MI, FL, & IL. But @senatemajldr killed that legislation. 8/
It’s why I call him #ModemMitch. But nothing has stopped @JocelynBenson, @FLSecofState, & @WI_Elections from doing the right thing by removing these cellular modems. So why the h#ll haven’t they?! #RemoveTheModems 9/
Organizing to demand the removal of these unnecessary and dangerous cellular modems is one of the action items I included in this piece. #ProtectOurVotes 10/ 
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