In downtown Portland covering the opposing rallies today. The “Blue Lives Matter” crowd is out in front of the Justice Center.
Just had a Black Lives Matter bicycle rally ride through.
A few Black Lives Matter folks blocking the road as a group of Bikers for Trump line up behind.
Standoffs have started.
Things are heating up.
Small fight in front of the Bikes.
People with tasers and “Save the Children” shields.
Another brawl between the two groups.
Some Qanon related shields.
Firearms on display from the pro police and Trump group.
One protester standing on the Black Lives Matter side dons a baby Trump costume and a trash can lid that says “Flush The Turd.”
Alan Swinney pointing his paintball gun around.
Black Lives Matter protesters dance and twerk in front of the pro police group and people wearing Proud Boy paraphernalia.
Guy with rifle and III% patch standing with the pro police/pro Trump group.
Short walk through the Proud Boy group.
Signs on the Black Lives Matter side. The two groups numbers are almost equal now, maybe. Few more “Back the Blue” people.
Some people in Black Bloc standing off in front of the Back the Blue/Qanon/We the People shields.
An antifascist is commenting that the people that claim to stand against “tyranny” weren’t here when the Feds were attacking protesters last month. Stating that they are actually pro tyranny and pro government citing their “Back the Blue” flags.
The Back the Blue group has thrown a smoke bomb, it is tossed back at them.
Someone in a Blue Lives Matter mask tries to push back and assault press, it happens to be Robert Evans @IwriteOK. He refuses to be pushed away.
After the smoke bomb was thrown by the pro police group, objects started getting thrown back and forth. Mace and paintballs also being used by the pro police group. Mainly eggs and water bottles from the Antifascists.
Alan Swinney firing paint balls.
Qanon shield guy shoving someone in a red shirt. Red shirt guy gets heavily maced. Mace continues to be sprayed at the Antifascist crowd.
An Antifascist with a paintball gun fires back.
The pro police/pro Trump/Proud Boy/Qanon shield lines pulls back.
The person with the “God Bless America” shield assaulted journalist Robert Evans @IwriteOK and cut his hand. As Robert talks about the incident he continues to be assaulted.
The right wing group of pro police/pro Trump/Proud Boy/Qanon people charge towards and assault the Antifascists. The Right Wingers throw an explosive device (not firework), sprays tons of mace, and fires their paintball/airsoft guns. Many physical brawls.
Robert says his hand is broken. It’s currently bandaged up and he is still out doing his job.
Amidst lots of mace, the right wing group mostly falls back. Some members remain and damage the BLM snack van and assault people.
A few people from the right wing groups continues to try to damage the BLM snack van.
Portland Police Bureau on the LRAD are threatening to declare an unlawful assembly or a riot.
Back at a standoff.
The right wing groups pulls back a little more. Some of members are leaving the main area and hanging out beside the JC.
A man in camo fatigues pulls the right wing group back into a new shield formation.
The right wing groups pulls back more, and they throw another explosive device.
Current stand off situation.
A firework is thrown into a shield wall of Antifascists, the right wing groups laughs and cheers.
A fight breaks out because some members of the right wing group try to take a banner that says “Fuck Proud Boys” from a Black Lives Matter protester.
The right wing group starts to fully retreat, the Antifascists advance forward.
A few members of the right wing crowd beat someone on the ground.
The right wing groups continues to retreat under pressure from the Antifascists.
DHS officers stand outside the IRS building as the right wing group pulls back. Objects are thrown back and forth between the the two groups.
Some of the right wing groups head into a parking garage.
The vast majority of the right wings groups are either leaving or have left.
The Black Lives Matter group and Antifascists have headed back to the area around the Justice Center. DHS officers are in Terry Schrunk Plaza. A few “Back the Blue” folks remain.
More DHS officers arrive in the federal park.
The DHS officers form a line facing off against the BLM and Antifascists activists.
Portland Police on the LRAD have said that the Federal Protective Service has declared an unlawful assembly. Orders to move north.
The DHS officers are pushing people out of the park, firing off impact rounds and/or pepper bullets.
DHS are escorting two of the right wing demonstrators right past the front line of BLM and Antifascist activists.
DHS officers are pulling back to the IRS building.
DHS pulls back further, occasionally firing impact rounds into the crowd.
All the DHS officers enter the IRS building and the crowd cheers.
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