QAnon protesters are carrying signs about pizzagate, adrenochrome & frazzledrip in Hollywood while chanting, “our children are not for sale”
QAnon protesters now marching down Hollywood Blvd chanting “Defund Hollywood” and “Save Our Children.”

The far-right conspiracy movement has gained massive ground during the pandemic:
Easily hundreds of people here. Despite claims that this protest is all about kids — and has nothing to do with Q — marchers are now chanting the QAnon slogan, “Where We Go One, We Go All”
Kristen, a QAnon protester who says she’s an L.A.-based therapist and Christian, believes the COVID-19 pandemic is a distraction from child trafficking. Hardly any mask wearers here today.

For more context on QAnon:
A group of QAnon protesters who declined my request for an interview are now chanting, “WHERE IS THE MEDIA?!”
To wrap things up, the QAnon crowd just gathered on Sunset Blvd across from an In-N-Out Burger to sing “Amazing Grace,” apparently to honor all the world’s trafficked children..
QAnon influencer claims the protesters are actually Antifa in disguise lol
More signs from today’s QAnon rally, where hundreds of protesters marched down the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 93° heat chanting things like “kill all pedophiles”
Today's protests hint at just how big QAnon has grown—and the threat it poses ahead of the election—especially following praise from Trump.

They also show how QAnon co-opted the anti-child trafficking movement. Here's a great explainer from @eddiekimx:
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