Here are a few reasons why I am supporting the National Justice Party and not the GOP
Where should we even start? In spite of controlling the White House, House of Representatives, Senate and a solid majority on the Supreme Court, we have effectively had our tongue ripped out for supporting Trump in the 2016 election
The problem which began with a few accounts being banned on social media in 2016 like Ricky Vaughn and MILO now goes all the way up to Trump himself. The Donald was banned from Reddit. QAnon was banned from Facebook
The entire Right is now censored by Big Tech as we saw earlier this month when Google delisted virtually every rightwing site in existence. Once again, nothing has been been done about the problem
So, there is that, which is a relatively new problem which wasn't urgent until Trump was elected in 2016. Trump and the GOP let their own supporters be destroyed on the internet one by one
As for Big Tech, they were rewarded for their behavior with the big corporate tax cut by Trump and the GOP. Their stocks went up. They made a killing. As Trump himself said, MAGA stands for Microsoft, Amazon, Google and Apple
The financial side of deplatforming is that every payment processor in existence and even banks and credit card companies have begun to engage in political censorship. If you have the wrong politics, forget about having a PayPal account
So, the effective result of electing Trump and the GOP is that their supporters were silenced in the public square (The internet) and financially punished as well (by banks, credit card companies, payment processors.) Nothing was done about these new means of coercion
Oh, well ... it is just the "Nazis." It is not a "slippery slope." Oh really?
This brings us to the subject of actual physical leftwing violence. BLM rioted and burned down multiple cities in the 2016 election and during the late Obama presidency. Trump vowed to restore "law and order." This was one of the primary reasons he was elected
The violence began with Antifa attacking Trump rallies in the 2016 campaign. This went on for months before he won the election. It continued at the inauguration. Those of us who were there saw it
We naively assumed that there was going to be a crackdown. No, they all walked. ALL OF THEM. After they attacked MILO at Berkeley, it caused a backlash which went on for 7 months. For only 7 months were they opposed
By the time of Charlottesville, the now familiar police stand downs had begun in Berkeley and Portland, but this was a new development which we didn't fully appreciate at the time. Police in Democrat cities started allowing Antifa and BLM to engage in violence
In Charlottesville, we went to federal court and got a permit and showed up for our rally, but the police stood down on us and the governor had his "state of emergency" ready to go EVEN BEFORE THE RALLY. BLM and Antifa attacked. The police stood down and watched
Now, obviously, there is nothing we can do about this. If Democratic cities hair decide to stop enforcing the law or to prosecute only people on the Right, that is above our pay grade. Only the federal government can step in to end these leftwing sundown towns
Over two years ago now, the Alt-Right withdrew from these public rallies in March 2018. There hasn't been a similar event since because of police stand downs and leftwing violence. Did it stop then? No, it did not
The Proud Boys and Patriot Prayer continued holding these public rallies. Both groups were eventually given the same treatment: censorship, leftwing violence, selective prosecution by Democratic Dad. The law became a joke in these cities
Did it stop then? Of course not. Without the Proud Boys or Patriot Prayer in the picture, the chronic Antifa and BLM violence turned on ICE and local police in 2019 and 2020
In 2020, Antifa and BLM just lay siege to the White House, establish sovereign autonomous zones in cities, burn down Washington, DC, burn down Portland for three months, attack federal courthouses with impunity and even the police are abolished to appease the mob
As many of us predicted, we have travelled a long way down the slippery slope from the inauguration when "Punch a Nazi" meant punching Richard Spencer. Today, it means Antifa mobs terrorizing people in their own neighborhoods at night
Tell me something.

Where was the party of "law and order" which allowed this to happen over the course of four years? The party that controlled the Department of Justice and the FBI?
Instead of defending their own voters, the Trump administration and the GOP focused on pandering to blacks by passing the First Step Act. After Charlottesville, the GOP passed a resolution which blamed us EXCLUSIVELY for the violence. BLM and Antifa were not mentioned
Mitt Romney and Marco Rubio praised Antifa as the heroes in 2017. Trump's DOJ and the FBI launched a crackdown on White Nationalists. Dozens of people were arrested and prosecuted. The RAM was prosecuted for defending Trump supporters in Berkeley and getting ambushed in Cville
Jack Corbin was prosecuted by the DOJ even though he never left his house. Trump rewarded Thomas Cullen by nominating him to serve on a federal court
To be fair, Donald Trump can't even defend his closest associates much less the Alt-Right. Everyone who worked for him in 2016 had their lives ruined and were indicted and prosecuted. He was impeached himself. We've reached the point where politics has been criminalized
So, to repeat: law and order no longer exists in much of the United States, the law certainly doesn't apply to violent groups like Antifa and BLM, free speech is a thing of the past, equal justice has been replaced by social justice and free assembly no longer exists
How about our monuments and heritage? Can't we count on the GOP to defend our heritage? Over 200 public monuments have been destroyed since George Floyd died
In Charlottesville, we went there to support the Lee and Jackson monuments, which oddly are among the few that have been left standing now after three months of cultural genocide
We lost everything from Aunt Jemima to the Gator Chomp. Christopher Columbus. The Founding Fathers weren't even safe from violent mobs which broke the law with impunity. What did the GOP do during all of this?
In Mississippi, the GOP got together and with full control over every branch of the state government took down the state flag. In Tennessee, Alabama and North Carolina, mobs just destroyed monuments. Cities broke the law to remove monuments
Maybe we should just get together and elect the GOP to pass heritage protection laws? What happens if violent mobs and cities just ignore the law though and do whatever they want as when Silent Sam was torn down or Nathan Bedford Forrest's grave was defiled?
The GOP doesn't even have the gumption to enforce our existing immigration laws or now to even protect its own supporters from mob violence. Are they going to protect inanimate statues? Please
If only we had a solid True Conservative majority on the Supreme Court, then it could all be turned around. Really? The Roberts Court decided to uphold abortion AND to read transgenderism into the Civil Rights Act of 1964!
That happened this summer. This comes after the GOP controlled Supreme Court handed the Left big victories on sodomy and gay marriage. Again, the definition of marriage wasn't conserved, and when Neil Gorsuch got on the court the definition of men and women wasn't conserved!
So, to repeat: free speech on the internet, free assembly in the public square, law and order, equal justice, the right to participate in politics, our monuments and heritage and the definition of marriage and men and women. None of that was conserved. But lets continue
How about immigration?

Everyone who was slightly populist on the issue or who wasn't a milquetoast mainstream establishment conservative ... was purged by the party with the support of Trump. Jeff Sessions, Bannon, Steve King and Kris Kobach
Steve King's unpardonable sin which made him toxic to the GOP establishment was wondering aloud why "Western civilization" had begun taboo. Again, it is taboo to defend "Western civilization" in the GOP now. That is "White Nationalism"
As a matter of principle, the GOP is against "racism" and "identity politics." By that it means White identity and any conception of White interests are to be repressed and marginalized, however, the GOP now believes ... transgenderism is legitimate
So, if you are a White transsexual or a White homosexual, the GOP will appeal to you on the basis of identity politics. Transsexuals are a legitimate group with collective interests, however, White people are not. That's "racist"
Scott "The Persistence" Presler will be sent to your town to pick up the garbage! He will be invited to the White House and congratulated by everyone. Based gays. Based blacks. Based Hispanics. Based transsexuals like Lady MAGA. All are welcome
Again, it is laughable. BOOM! BOTSWANA HAS LEGALIZED HOMOSEXUALITY. Such is how the "Overton Window" shifted on the Right after 2016. The big change was that Obama's LGBTQ social revolution was normalized on the Right
If you thought electing Donald Trump as president was going to strike a blow against political correctness, boy were you mistaken. Political correctness was transmuted into militant violent wokeness. The definition of "racism" was recently redefined to mean White person
I don't have to explain the degree to which wokeness has taken over the country with ZERO pushback from the GOP since 2016 and especially since George Floyd. The GOP let this rot grow for THIRTY YEARS on academia as conservatives were expelled from academia or driven underground
To get a job or stay employed in Corporate America, you now have to participate in Maoist struggle sessions and denounce yourself and confess the "sins" of your whiteness. What is the GOP's solution? Cutting the capital gains tax, more deregulation, more guest workers
How about our foreign policy? The foreign policy is that Israel gets whatever it wants from the most Zionist administration in history. Elliot Abrams was recently appointed as Trump's envoy to Iran. This comes after he failed to overthrow the Maduro government in Venezuela
Trump has Mike Pompeo in charge as Secretary of State. He even brought John Bolton back from the wilderness as his National Security Advisor. Trump just assassinates whoever his donors tell him to like when he killed Qasem Soleimani for Israel
What has our National Populist president done with our foreign policy? There are more American troops in the Middle East today than when Trump was elected president. We are still in Afghanistan. He moves troops around from Syria to elsewhere in the Middle East
He is against "globalism" though. Being against globalism means piling sanctions on Russia, withdrawing from treaties, building up a military presence in eastern Europe, expanding NATO, fighting with China over these tiny little islands in the South China Sea
It certainly didn't mean as we were led to believe in 2016 that we would do things like rebuild our infrastructure or focused on our countless domestic problems
I could go on, and on. How about the scam of "self financing" his campaign only to cut the big donors in after winning the presidency? How about putting Gary Cohn or Larry Kudlow in charge of the economy and calling that "populism"?
I voted for Trump in 2016 and all I have to show for it is a huge corporate tax cut. Yes, the political capital of the 2016 campaign was squandered on feathering the nests of people who are already grotesquely wealthy. He also wants me to donate to his campaign! LOL!
Whatever the hell you are calling this whether it is "conservatism" or "national conservatism" has been shown to be utterly worthless across the board
It is better to just walk away than to endorse this or get excited for four more years of it. If this were a football team, would you be a fan? Would you have confidence in the coach and the team? Would you torture yourself watching this shitshow? Probably not
The democratic system necessarily works by persuasion. When one side decides that coercion to the point of openly engaging in violence, censorship and intimidation is the way to resolve disputes, then elections are meaningless

After selling his policy agenda to the big donors, they have failed to cut the checks to Trump's 2020 reelection campaign, so after selling out Trump's campaign is begging all of for donations like 3 or 4 times a day
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