Making money online is something you should all strive for

However, regardless of what others say, it is very hard and takes a lot of work

Let's take a closer look


You Have To Give Up A lot Of Leisure Time

Making money online requires a lot of sacrifices. For example

Going out with friends
Buying luxurious items
video games

You can still do these things, but you'll be doing them A LOT LESS than before

You Need To Put in A lot Of Work

Making money online requires you to put in a ton of hours every single day

It can be very draining as some days are good, some are bad & some lead to nowhere

You have to show up every day and put in consistent work. discipline is key

You Need To Constantly Learn

Making money requires you to continuously learn new material. There's always new

& skills that you have to be familiar with

This can be very daunting even though in the long run it is very beneficial

Rejection & Failure

You will constantly get rejected and fail over and over again.

You'll experience a lot more losses than wins

Some people can't handle this. It's tough, but it's part of the process

Learn from each failure & rejection & keep moving forward

You Must Develop & Maintain Your Focus

Making money online requires you to fully focus on a task for hours each day

There's so much distraction in the modern world which makes this very hard

Building your focus muscle and maintaining it is essential to make cash online

It's Mentally & Emotionally Tough

You'll encounter many moments where you want to throw in the towel

You'll experience anxiety, frustration, anger, happiness, joy etc

This is all part of the journey. Keep pushing forward & never give up

You will eventually get there


Making money online is very possible. However, it's not easy

You're going to encounter a lot of problems along the way

No matter what happens, keep forging ahead and never give up

Best of luck my friends

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