20/21 Championship predictions:
24th: Barnsley
Only survived cuz wigan do not know how to run a club. most irrelevant club to ever step foot into the championship and will go down 100% this season after staying up by luck
23rd: H*ddersfield
i HATE huddersfield. This inbred club stopped Reading from playing in the league they deserved. Karma will soon strike them. 23rd. Relegated. World will celebrate.
22nd: Rotherham
Death, Taxes and Rotherham being relegated from the sky bet championship. Heres hoping they liquidate one day so they can no longer be promoted to a league too good for them.
21st: Birmingham
1 of the many clubs that try force a rivalry with my club 😮 Fans think theyre massive. Not even Karanka can save them. Another bottom 5 finish should hopefully help them realise that they are sh*t. just missing out on relegation. again.
20th: Norwich
think theyre the bollocks because of their season in the prem. this season is going to bring them back down to earth. THEY ARE SH*T. WOEFUL. how did they get into the prem??? WHO KNOWS. 20th. enough said.
19th: Coventry
Forgot they got promoted ngl. if i remembered they were in the league i wouldve put them relegation. Theyre just 19th to fill in the gaps. Irrelevant. dont care
18th: Wayne Rooney
Big BIG mistake letting go of their only source of goals, Chris Martin. Simply stupid decision. Theyll realise the mistake theyve made. A boring season for Wayne Rooneys Rams. 18th.
17th: Stoke City
Cant even remember who their manager is so that says alot tbh. If you ask me who their star players are i can only name Shawcross and butland who are both SH*T. Dead. Boring. 17th
16th: Brentford
playoff loss is gonna do them dirty. benrahma,watkins and potentially mbeumo is a massive loss. without them, theyre no better than Charlton athletic. Thomas Frank, the autistic steve cotterill, will be exposed without his main men. 16th
15th: Swansea city
Without their main source of goals, brewster, the swans will have a boring mid table finish. nothing else to be said. 15th.
14th: Watford
Theyll be coming into this dirty league way too confident and theyll soon get a wake up call when theyre losing 1-0 to neil warnocks boro whilst having 78% possesion. Shouldve stuck with pearson but they decided they want a fancy foreign manager. 14th.
13th: Preston
12th: notts forest
What team bottles the playoffs that bad lool. 4 goals against stoke city 😭 their confidence is going to be destroyed. always beg a rivalry off Reading aswell đŸ˜č. Dead season
11th: Sheffield wednesday
12 point deduction. they dont care. monk is magic. 11th.
10th: Wycombe Wanderers
Ainsworth is the best manager in the league. Everyone predicting relegated but im built different. A solid 10th in the chairboys first ever championship season.
9th: Bournemouth
they dont even have howe to keep them relevant this season. boring 9th place finish. no one cares about a bournemouth side without howe. Solanke top goalscorer though.
8th: Cardiff city
Leandro bacuna can not carry them to playoffs for another season. There is only so much he can do. Just missing out on playoffs due to the lack of quality up the field.
7th: QPR
I can see a strong finishing for the fake hoops but because they dont have a proper dangerous winger anymore like Jack Clarke anymore, i can see them just missing out on playoffs by the smallest of margains.
6th: Luton town
Jones is MAGIC. What a manager. stoke couldve got autos if they stuck to him. Collins about to bag for fun in this shit league. Hatters about to shock the world with a 6th place finish
5th: Bristol
WHAT AN APPOINTMENT IN HOLDEN. Surprised another club hasnt snatched him up yet. Big big big potential to one day manage a top 6 prem club. but for now, hes gonna have to settle for 5th in the efl and suffer a playoff heartbreak
4th: Middlesbrough (PO Winners)
Neil warnock, the man. He knows what hes doing. a 0-0 in the playoff final then shithousing a penalty shootout win. On another day, they would get autos, but because of the amazing squad the 3 other teams have, i can see a 4th place finish
3rd: Blackburn
Blackburn have been on the rise for some time now. i think this is their season to finish strong. Although i see them finishing 3rd, I can see a po final upset because they lack confidence on big occasions. Deserve Prem but will have to wait another year
2nd: Millwall (promotion)
Wow. just like blackburn, been on the rise for some time. Troy parrott. what a signing. class depth in that position aswell with Jon Dadi Bodvarsson. Jake Cooper best cb in league. Big gap between them and Bburn. Autos. promoted.
1st: Reading (promotion)
THE CHAMPIONS. Bowen is some manager. This is the season where Reading return to the big leagues. The league a club our size deserves to be in. Puscas about to show bl*es what they missed out on. URZ. Promotion. Champions. RG2 goes wild.
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