BSNL approached me to convert my existing landline-broadband to Bharat Fiber (FTTH) & offered a landline connection.

But to my utter dismay, they are saying that it will be a new number & with present policy, I can't retain my old number!!! 1/2

@BSNL_KL @cgmbsnlkerala
I checked with one of my friend in BSNL & he told me, that is technically possible & it only needs a policy change at the top!

This type of non user friendly policies are a huge problem with BSNL, why can't you allow the existing customers to seamlessly move to FTTH?
Who need to keep two landline numbers at this age?

Either I should opt for no landline with my new FTTH & retain my old landline number, which I keep for more than a decade!

What sort of a business model you are promoting BSNL?

Are you just ceding space for pvt players?
Dear @rsprasad, please see what you can do in this case?

Whether you want this company to flourish or perish like these type of crazy policies!
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