1. I am appalled to see @BloomsburyIndia, publisher of two of my books, buckle under threats by fascists and withdraw the book Delhi Riots - 2020. I stand in complete solidarity with the authors.

This is an assault on Freedom of Expression and on those who cherish this freedom.
2. A book is an idea, one you may staunchly agree or disagree with. And an idea cannot be destroyed. It cannot fall victim to threats and blackmail by fascists. Books last because ideas do.

This decision by Bloomsbury should be condemned by ALL writers and readers.
3. If Bloomsbury does not retract its decision, my co-author and I have decided that we will return the substantial advance paid to us by Bloomsbury for our forthcoming book.

We cannot allow our book to be published by a house that does not respect Freedom of Expression.
Battles are not won by calling time-outs.

Their weapon is Freedom of Suppression. Ours is Freedom of Expression.

Let this be a fight to the finish.
Now these Leftists are saying banning lies is not against freedom of speech. I take it they want to ban a book that says earth was created in six days; and that the moon was split in half; and that man was moulded from clay.

If this isn't Islamophobia, I don't know what is.
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