Your choice to actively spread misinformation that advances your own business interests using your direct access to consumers that do not have the same access to the @acccgovau response is a demonstration of the systemic power imbalance the draft code seeks to address.
The choice of @Google through @googledownunder to undermine Australia's consumer watchdog and free press demonstrates that the centralisation of data = power, in corp tech giants like @Google @Facebook @amazon and others poses an existential threat to free democracy globally.
These bad faith actions by @Google through @googledownunder using their multiple platforms such as @YouTube to spread misinformation unchecked directly to consumers must stop immediately.
I call on all journalists to speak up now to protect the viability and independence of the media from corporate tech monopolies. @abcnews @smh @australian @dailytelegraph @FinancialReview @theage @GuardianAus @7NewsAustralia @9NewsAUS @10NewsFirst @SBSNews @SkyNewsAust
This is the insidious way @Google using the front of @googledownunder has been spreading misinformation directly to their users through platforms like @YouTube for the purpose of undermining the draft @acccgovau code.
Tech giants are demonstrating they are aware of how their power can be used to undermine public institutions - and they are using that power to do so. In the past we thought that outside actors were to blame. Clearly now @Google is deliberately spreading fake news. /end
My commentary on the coverage of Google's actions is that they coverage is repetition of talking points, both-sides; kids-gloves coverage of a misinformation campaign run by one of the world's largest companies. The media is afraid of speaking truth to power. Even #FakeNewsGoogle
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