1) A little post office history you may not have known.

2) By the 1830s, the Post Office was a powerful force in American society.

3) Beginning in 1826, with Martin Van Buren (there's that guy again, huh?), & his forming of the modern day DemoKKKrat Party .. .
3) contd . . . a new type of "journalism" appeared. (Yep, I'm getting to the Post Office). This "journalism" under Van Buren had one goal:

Elect DemoKKKrats

4) Van Buren funded and created many papers across the country to do one thing only: ELECT DEMOKKKRATS.
5) He even appointed hundreds of editors & swore them to fealty. One Jacksonian editor, when asked his views on some issues, said "My views are the same as Andrew Jackson's" only he didn't add the obvious . . . "whatever they are."

6) Now, back to the Post Office.
7) When Jackson was elected in 1828, and had a DemoKKKrat Congress with him, it was important that they propagandize the electorate.

8) Neither Bill Clinton nor Zero created the "permanent campaign." That was Jackson.
9) It was done entirely through "newspapers," or the 1830s equivalent of MSNBC and CNN.

10) How did you ensure that Americans GOT the newspapers?

11) The DemoKKKrat Congress passed a law that gave heavily reduced rates to newspapers over all other printed matter.
12) Suddenly, it would cost 2-3 times more to ship a book as it would to send the SAME EXACT WEIGHT in newspapers.

13) Pretty sneaky, huh?

14) One professor of journalistic history found that 85% of the country's papers were "partisan" by 1850.
15) In other words, when the Whigs finally opposed Jackson, Martin Van Buren had already set up the playing field. They could only compete they way the Jacksonians had things set up.

16) That meant papers. So by 1850, EVERY paper was either . . .
16) contd . . . "The Arkansas DEMOKKKRAT" or the "Richmond WHIG." There was no such thing as an "objective paper," anywhere in America, until the so-called "penny presses" appeared in the 1860s solely aimed at promoting businesses & gossip.
17) So back to the post office: Since this was the key method by which the DemoKKKrats propagandized the country via the delivery of papers, it was a very, VERY important department.

18) In fact--I know this will shock you--the third most important job in all of government . . .
18) contd . . . behind the President and the Secretary of State was the Postmaster General.

Yep. You literally had kids saying, "I want to be Postmaster General when I grow up!"

19) Not only did the PG control the propaganda dissemination of the DemoKKKrat Party . . .
19) contd . . . but because the PG appointed all the postmasters---remember, 8,700 of them--he had massive political clout.

20) According to Post Office Historian Richard John, the PO had more personnel than the US Army at the time!!

21) The PG was a MAJOR kingmaker.
22) As an aside, the combination of the rise of partisan papers & the devil's bargain with the PO literally reshaped American reading habits permanently.

Americans began consuming far fewer books and far more newspapers.
23) One explorer in the backwoods came across an Indian tribe, where to his amazement he saw an Indian sitting on a rock, reading a paper!

24) Americans' reading became far wider and much shallower.

25) ALL the Founders had read many of the classics--Aristotle, Cato.
26) That slowed dramatically.

27) In addition to the patronage power of the PG to give away postmaster jobs in the 8,700 cities & towns, he also had the ability to DELAY (though really not expedite) "news" if it benefited his party.
28) This is sort of like the way Hoax News will delay "calling" a state for a presidential candidate they don't like in hopes of depressing the vote in other time zones.

29) Like everything else they touched, the DemoKKKrats perverted & corrupted the Post Office.
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