" Social media a part & parcel of our lives & a potential threat too"
In the recent years we have seen how the SM platforms have become an important element in our lives. It has connected people all over the world irrespective of Demography Caste,or Race (1/n)
It has turned out to be a boon for majority of people all over the world. People are able to share their ideas and thoughts and can express themselves with a click of a button. It has helped the whole world come together as one.(2/n)
In the recent times it's importance and usage has grown by leaps and bounds in India too. Whether any strata of generation kids,teenagers or old people the popularity of some well known platforms like FB, WhatsApp,LinkedIn, Tiktok is humongous.(3/n)
But the burning question is how safe and reliable are these SM platforms as they have access to the data of all the million users and which can be compromised any time . There were instances in the present & past where data of users were leaked or compromised(4/n)
Facebook–Cambridge Analytica data scandal in 2018 is one of them. Majority of the platforms are US and China based.Recently we have seen many of such platforms especially Tiktok was used to spread violence and hatred among people openly. (5/n)
If we look at the statistics we can see that in India , Chinese SM platforms & other foreign apps too have their dominance. Facebook,Instagram,TikTok, We Chat are prime examples of it. These media platforms were notorious in stealing the data of users, by China. (6/n)
Many so called Chinese Applications too stole the data of users which posed a major threat, as sensitive information was shared with Chinese government without the consent of the users & the Indian Government. (7/n)
Realizing the threat that these apps posed, The Government of India banned 59 Chinese mobile applications, including top social media platforms such as TikTok, WeChat and Helo, to counter the threat posed by these applications to the country's sovereignty and security. (8/n)
More apps too are on the verge of being banned to safeguard the data & sensitive information. But the burning question is how India would cope up with the rising demand of its users who are addicted to the foreign SM platforms & apps, after the ban. (9/n)
If we look at the case of China it's a different scenario all together.The statistics reveal that all the major SM platforms are Chinese or Made in China. They have not given space to any foreign platform to penetrate into their domain. (10/n)
It means the Government has more control of the flow of information and thus the security of it's people.They encourage more Chinese players to set their base in the country and thus stop any foreign players to get foothold in the country. (11/n)
In India the scenario is totally different, the country being the topmost IT service provider of the world. Due to the recent developments it's raises potential threat to the security of the country. (12/n)
The flow of information nowadays is very fast like wildfire and anti social elements use this platform to hatch their sinister plans and destabilize the country. Moreover data theft is a major concern. (13/n)
So government should encourage more Indian companies like China to develop more no of platforms& apps so that we don't have to rely on foreign players more. We have few players like Hike, Redbus , Make my trip who are doing a great job and setting an example for the rest (14/n)
But their nos & market share is very less if we compare it with the Chinese platforms & apps .So taking a lesson from it, the dominance of Indian platforms& apps should increase to keep the security of the data & to safeguard nation as a whole(15/n)
(Pic & stats source Google & others)
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