I admire them for showing up to the party šŸ˜.

Thank God for Date stamps on Facebook eh?

All this talk about ā€œflattening the curveā€. .... for one at least we are ahead of it and #2....

Flattening the curve = Flat Earth

Viruses.. šŸ¤£ no.

Bet the farm on this one...
Yep. Havenā€™t had one person be able to even come close to disputing it.

When you have the evidence and proof...
From NASA themselves...

Along with virtually over 100 examples..

Who can dispute it? Many have tried.

Participation ribbons are getting expensive...
Technically impossible to travel in a straight line and end up where you began due to the fact that you would have to cross water in order to hit an ice wall. Thatā€™s not where we began
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