THREAD: Across South Asia, we see a rise in incidents of religious intolerance and violence based on religion or belief, with few or no steps taken by authorities to protect religious minorities under attack.
In Afghanistan, the Sikh and Hindu communities have come under increasing attack from armed groups, including the massacre of 25 Sikhs at a temple in Kabul in May. The Afghan authorities must protect them and their places of worship, and hold the perpetrators accountable.
In Bangladesh, the Buddhist community in Chattogram district and their temple came under repeated attack in recent months by local mobs. The authorities must ensure the safety and security of the Buddhist community and uphold the right to freedom of religion or belief.
In Pakistan, the blasphemy laws continue to facilitate abuses, including two murders of members of the persecuted minority Ahmadi community in Peshawar this month. In July, the construction of a Hindu temple in the capital Islamabad was halted after pressure was mounted by mobs.
In Sri Lanka, the Muslim community has been targeted by both state and non-state actors. Laws have discriminated the community while #COVID19 regulations have violated their right to freedom of religion. Authorities must ensure equal treatment, in keeping with international law.
On International Day Commemorating the Victims of Acts of Violence Based on Religion or Belief, Amnesty International calls on governments in South Asia to the freedom of religion or belief is protected #Afghanistan #Bangladesh #Pakistan #SriLanka
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