As everyone knows I get easily attached to asian hockey players(there's so few of them! I am starved for rep!) so here's a thread of my faves:
Julie Chu, one of the most decorated players of all time. You heard that right--all time, period. Four-time olympic medal winner, NCAA points record-holder when she graduated from Harvard in 2007. Married to Canadian player Caroline Oullette. Wish she was my mom.
Next up is HOFer Paul Kariya, of Japanese and Scottish descent. First asian player to captain a team. Mighty ducks LEGEND(They won a cup four years after he left. Still makes me sad). He and Teemu Selanne were such a power duo. Kinda baby, also kinda bitchy. Wish he was my dad.
Jim Paek, two-time STANLEY CUP CHAMPION with the Penguins(1991, 1992) !! First South-Korean born player to play in the NHL. Currently head coach of the South Korean national hockey team. Bet y'all didn't know the Lemieux-Jagr years had an asian player on their team, huh?
Nick Suzuki! Short azn king, rookie for the habs(had a good first season). Center. Lit up the playoffs so far and I'm very proud. Flyers fans are mad at him for patting Carter Hart's head and I can't wait to see Hart get him back for that one day bc I live for the petty.
Short king Kailer Yamamoto is a right wing for the Oilers. Of Japanese and Hawaiian descent. He's 5'8" but sure is speedy! Drafted 6th in 2017, plays on Draisaitl's wing(100% drai's rookie). I see big things for his future, and I hope he gets more recognition đŸ„°
Matt Dumba. D-man for the Wild, Filipino. Famously was the first NHLer to kneel for the anthem(IM STILL WAITING ON THE REST OF YALL COME ON), one of the founders of the Hockey Diversity Alliance. Honestly, just a really brave man and I admire him so much.
Josh Ho-Sang. Chinese and Jamaican. I will have NO Ho-Sang slander in this house!! The league made a big deal about him wearing #66 as an homage to Lemieux(Mario didn't even play for the Islanders, chill guys) and as a result was booted to the AHL. I'm still mad about that.
Nick Robertson. Did you know he's only 18? Youngest player since Iginla to play in the postseason. From Cali! Filipino descent. We were all so proud when he made it onto the Leafs roster for playoffs and even prouder when he scored his first ever NHL goal 😭
Ryan Suzuki--a prospect for the Hurricanes, younger brother of Nick Suzuki. Lanky boi. Plays for the Saginaw Spirit in the OHL. He went to training camp for playoffs this year but ended up not making it onto the roster. I want to see him in the Canes lineup next year !!!
Jett Woo--another prospect, this one for the Canucks! D man. Chinese and German descent. Listen to his mic'd up vid at summer camp--he's got such a fun personality and I hope it flourishes in the league--I can really see him being a leader one day.
Finally: Larry Kwong, who broke the NHL's color barrier in 1948 by being the first non-white player in the league. Played one game for the rangers, had a successful career in senior leagues. Opened a supermarket. I can't imagine the adversity he faced--the sport owes him so much.
It was honestly so fun to make this thread--I ended up doing more research into Asian players than previously anticipated, and while there aren't many, they're all incredible. I hope y'all learned something too, and join me in cheering for our azn icons!
ARGH I forgot to put Jujhar Khaira in this thread but I love that beautiful man so much! He's a center for the oilers of Punjabi descent(third ever in the NHL) and played college hockey for Michigan Tech briefly. He also possesses some incredible facial hair!
One more! Mika Zibanejad, who is Swedish-Iranian, plays for the rangers, and had a killer 5-goal game earlier this year. He's a DJ in his free time, which is seriously cool. ALSO, HE'S RECENTLY ENGAGED CONGRATS MIKA
Jonas Siegenthaler. First known player of Thai descent in the NHL. D man for the Caps. Born in Zurich. Was in Hershey for a while, but got called up last year. He went to the bubble with them! Got pied by Tom Wilson to celebrate his first NHL goal, which was very cute.
Manny Malhotra, CANUCKS LEGEND. Faceoff god. Center, of Indian descent! Drafted 7th overall by the Rangers in 1998. Killer two-way forward! He's now an assistant coach with the Canucks and we love him here â˜ș
Jason Robertson! Nick Robertson's older brother, who plays as a prospect with the Stars! Filipino, left wing. Honestly, REALLY lit up the OHL wow. And did I mention the Robertsons are from Arcadia, CA? I love finding players from non-traditional hockey states!
Richard Park, born in SK, grew up in Socal, drafted 50th overall by the Pens in 1994. Went on to have a pretty long hockey career, playing for numerous teams, before retiring and serving as assistant coach for the SK national team under Jim Paek. We love seeing azns flourish!!
ALRIGHT IM GONNA TALK ABOUT NAZEM CONN SMYTHE KADRI NOW! He's Lebanese and Muslim! I love him so so much, he's always willing to jump in and defend his teammates. He's been dominating the playoffs and I'm just so happy that he's found a place for himself in Colorado. WHAT A GUY
Adding one--Tim Stapleton( @Bluce_Reee) another short king--who liked my tweet? I'm shook? Filipino descent. Went undrafted, played for Minn-Duluth, before going on to play for the Leafs, Thrashers, and Jets. Fun fact--he was the last player to score a goal for the Thrashers!
Nana and Nachi Fujimoto, sisters who play goalie and defense, respectively, and are badass ladies in general. From Sapporo, Japan. Both play for FĂ€rjestad BK in Sweden(Nana previously was a starting goalie for the Riveters). Also, they're 5'4" and 5'3", so short girl RIGHTS, baby
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