books // call down the hawk
ok i wasnt sure if i was gonna livetweet this in Public TM but genuinely this book has my soul in its grubby little claws and there's too many good lines i wanna save/share
also it's a re-read but like whatever shhh
honestly this prologue is so good and it Hits the same way the dream thieves prologue did bc the lynch family is so fucking messy and that's absolutely my jam
it still blows my fucking mind that declan is only 21 because i rmb thinking he was so much older when i read the trc books
[makes an unhinged screaming noise]
matthew himbo question mark
he really is the perfect character icb we had to sit thru four mediocre books to get to him
also cant believe it took us this long to come to the "there's a group of ppl hunting down dreamers" sub plot
"zed" is absolutely the worst possible thing to call dreamers tho
declan are you a serial killer?
ronan you fucking idiot it's because he's ur brother and he f*cking cares about you
ronan is so LAME icb it took me this long to realize he's such a dweeb i adore him
god i wanna know the context of this dream so bad
seeing them actually interact like brothers...
matthew...... my boy.....
cdth ronan is so good bc he's just so hopelessly in love
why does this make me feel things
mstief's writing is kinda hit or miss for me but this paragraph is so. idk what emotion it's triggering in me but god it's. it's Something
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