Y'all, I know it's counter-intuitive but "unity" works against us this time.

We came within 70k votes of winning without Bernie holdouts last time. We can more than make up for that with moderates and swing voters. The expanded primary electorate proved that.

Trump's entire strategy is based around painting Democrats as "the party of Bernie, Elizabeth Warrren, and AOC"

Biden's strategy is to prove him wrong.

So when Warren supporters attack Kamala and AOC goes on TV supporting Bernie at Biden's convention, it actually helps us.

Disaffected Republicans and remorseful Trump voters are far more likely to vote for us than leftists threatening to vote 3rd party or not vote at all, thus they are far more valuable targets and a better use of campaign resources.

Of course it would be great if everyone voted for us, but that's naive.

Not everyone will, so we have to be strategic.

There isn't a one-size-fits-all message that pleases everyone, and changing our messaging to appease Bernie holdouts scares off the voters in the center.

Did y'all notice hardly anyone at the convention talked about policy?

Nobody cares about the party platform anyway. Individual candidates run on their own platform tailored to their own voters.

Policy discussions only remind swing voters what they don't like about Democrats.
This election isn't about ideology, it's about saving the country.

Any voters who care more about lip service to M4A or avenging their preferred candidate who lost are not on our side, but there are plenty of voters who are, and those are the ones the campaign is targeting.

Kasich and Colin Powell and Cindy McCain weren't there to embrace or endorse our ideology or influence our platform.

They were there to signal that beating Trump is more important than policy differences

Swing voters don't have to agree with us, as long as they vote with us.
Bernie actually did us a huge favor by taking ownership of the "tax & spend liberal" stereotype and the condescending virtue-signaling "elites" that middle America disdains.

He made the rest of us look normal, and therefor more palatable to swing voters.

None of this changes anything.

Biden is not listening to the left OR the right.

He's running on the same platform he ran on in the primary.

It's about messaging. The most important thing is not to scare anyone off.

So "Warren Dems" differentiating themselves, or Warren saying Biden ran in the wrong primary, or AOC saying she and Biden don't belong in the same party - this HELPS us.

That doesn't mean we can't mock Lefties. But we need not lose any sleep.

They can't hurt us anymore.

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