My sister-in-law works at the postal service in Cali. She doesn’t have Twitter but wanted me to tweet this, cc’ing @KamalaHarris @AOC. She‘s saying the Post Master General is lying during this hearing.


Question for Post Master (from my sister-in-law who works at the PO):

Why is the PMG segregating 1st class flats mail out of the mail stream and not allowing the process of the mail on the machines that can run the mail at 30,000 pieces an hour?
She says: Instead, the PMG is making clerks hand separate the mail that takes hours to process, which is single-handedly delaying the process and delivery of the mail service. This is a pilot program that the PMG started in every plant.
Here’s a copy of that news break release given to postal workers showing these directives:
Based on what my sis-in-law is telling me, clerks are still being told to deliberately slow down processing the mail.
She just told me: “It’s interesting that they hold this Senate meeting but yet they don’t come to the source [the workers] to find out what the truth is.”

She has given me permission to tweet this.
UPDATE: Thanks all. My sister-in-law has been in touch with Rep. Katie Porter’s office. We’re on it.
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