If you'd like to order the #BTSDynamite vinyl, cassette or set please just send me a DM!

Vinyl pre-orders usually sell out, so I'll only stay open while stocks last!

💜 PayPal USD$ only
Sorry everyone I have so many DMs at the moment! Please check this thread for updates as I'll only reply as I'm able to order 😭

❌ SOLD OUT set
❌ SOLD OUT vinyl

Reopened order for #BTS_Dynamite vinyl and cassette for the second release, shipping after 26 Feb 2021!

First batch has been ordered in case it sells out again, so I'll post the available slots below 🥳

I'll keep an eye on the app, but if Weverse Shop doesn't restock by next Tue 8 Sep I'll send refunds through again (USD$ BATCH) 😭
I can barely keep up with Weverse updates so I'm switching to a goods deposit method so I can help more ppl!

I'll reply to DMs with the cost of your order in USD$ (inc KR domestic postage) & I'll hold onto a goods deposit in PayPal so I can order when items come back in stock!

Weverse Shop hasn't restocked, so I'll be sending refunds out from tomorrow for those who paid deposits — I'm sorry I wasn't able to help everyone!

If they do a stock order later/after the release in December, I'll reopen then 💜
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