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Working a job he's qualified for, unlike Trump's kids. As he was on Burisma board, where he used Yale law degree + 9 yrs as partner in private firm to give legal counsel, and 3 yrs on Amtrak board + investing experience as they moved into foreign markets.
"But he was working in Ukraine while his father was conducting diplomacy there, and in China too!" True, but no evidence of any illegal acts or intervention by Joe. But if that's your standard for corruption, I have some really, REALLY bad news about Trump and his kids...
"But Burisma was a corrupt company!" In fact, the head of the company had been under investigation for actions he took with a different company, several years before Hunter joined Burisma. And the investigation was dormant before Hunter joined the board.
In fact, after Shokin lost his position in the government, he was arrested for corruption, and government agents found bags FILLED WITH CASH AND DIAMONDS.

Fun fact: that's why he's called the "Diamond Prosecutor," as you can read about in the previous article.
"But Joe did it to protect Hunter!" Nope. Again, Shokin was sacked for *not* prosecuting corruption, especially from Putin's Ukrainian allies. So if anything, Joe was raising the likelihood of investigation. But of course Hunter was never under investigation in the first place.
Now Johnson refuses to say if the committee is laundering misinformation from Putin's Ukrainian allies, while Trump is retweeting bogus audio recordings of Joe speaking to Ukraine's president in 2015, saying Shokin wasn't corrupt. [Pause for laughter]
Trump got himself impeached by attempting to extort the current Ukranian president just to ANNOUNCE an investigation into the Bidens, even if they didn't actually do the investigation.

It's all lies, and Trump's doing it because he knows he can win on his own merits.
More on @RudyGiuliani and his Russian-orchestrated misinformation campaign soon, but for now, a brief thread on why Hunter can't just say "the emails / texts aren't real" without falling into a dangerous trap:
3. Bubolinski never *did* business with Hunter, as their only discussed deal fell through. He told Breitbart he was angry about it

4. Claims to be CEO of Sinohaw Holdings, so he could produce records of Biden's ownership, but hasn't

5. Attended final debate as Trump's guest
OMG, I have just found SOLID proof Rudy framed Hunter with the help of a Burisma exec!!! Also, here's a pic of Trump smoking weed...

Okay, so these are fake, but FYI, it's *exactly* the kind of evidence Team Trump have produced so far, and we're supposed to believe it???
Of course, the biggest hole in this "cloak and dagger mystery theater" Team Trump is trying to run is that *we have 21 years(!) of Biden's tax returns on file, and ZERO of Trump's.

Also unlike Trump, Biden's doesn't have any secret foreign bank accounts!
Needless to say, but everyone who knows anything about Russian disinformation campaigns realize that's exactly what this is, including all of these government officials who worked on exactly that (including some who worked for Trump)!
According to one of the Ukrainians who was working with Giuliani to dig up (read: "fabricate") dirt on the Bidens, the alleged Hunter Biden materials were being shopped in May 2019 by a Ukrainian oligarch who wanted to avoid scrutiny from the US DOJ.
Two big things:

1. Pro-Trump computer store owner's story not true, as this was before he claims Hunter abandoned laptops filled with sensitive material

2. Yet another "quid pro quo," as this oligarch has not been scrutinized by the US DOJ

All falling apart...
More alleged emails, apparently from angry (now jailed) former business partner Bevan Cooney, are yet another part of Team Trump / Russia's psy-op:

1. Procured by "journalist" Matthew Tyrmand, who's known for stalking, insults, and DC political hit jobs.
2. Tyrmand collaborated w/Breitbart's Peter Schweizer on this. He also once worked with (the ironically named) Project Veritas, and was caught discussing plan to frame Soros.

4. And as always, even IF real, the emails show zero criminal or corrupt behavior by Joe or Hunter.
Trump's DNI appointee Ratcliffe claimed no evidence of Russian interference, but here's why he isn't credible: while giving FBI/CIA/DNI's statement on Iran email hack, he *adds* Team Trump's evidence-free interpretation.

He's pro-Trump, not pro-facts.
UPDATE: one of the "leaked" docs on Hunter's work in China, on which several subsequent conspiracies were based? It was by a made up author, based on a document that was handed to someone at a firm known for spreading disinfo. But they won't say who...
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