We have proven without question there is a

Satanic Vampire Compromise Cult

who worship Baal/Molech/Baphomet/Lucifer practicing ritual abuse of kids and taking a drug from scared kids blood, called #Adrenochrome, for immortality, blackmail and entertainment.
At least 30 times.
They are nearly all globalists. They are eugenicists normally. Big abortion fans. The Club is apparently so fcking big they need international shipping containers to route the products.

They reason we know it’s Satanic is because it all must be done right in our faces.

A tenet
We all have figured out Hollywood.
My friends and I caught them signalling when the 🩸 ran out.

Some of my faves below.
Oprah/Ellen asked them to signal red or green, which they ALL did through social media between March 11-25th-ish.
We thought green meant suicide.
Red no.
That was incorrect, but they signalled. So, they proved there is a Club.

They signalled again using gold in May

No mistake.
At the same time, the deep staters of DC were doing their own conniving social media messaging.

Then it was found they were communicating through Camel Up Camel Cup an online game.

Here is Comey and Sue Rice tellin’ the 🤘🧛🏻‍♂️📸 Clubbers how to reach out and touch someone.
Additionally, Comey is pointing out the top is off of the pyramid.


After this Comey, was “In the dark”
Telling Barack. Barack had reached out to “Jim Crow” ie James Comey to ask, “What’s going on?”
There is a Satanic Vampire Compromise Club.

The problem is not pedophilia. Of course, that is one gross problem.
No, the problem is
Ritualistic abuse of children.

To harvest #adrenochrome .
For immortality.
And other reasons.
They chose the wrong immortality.
Every false idol.
For thousands of years.
Back up stuff:
Here’s a thread on DC occultists

https://twitter.com/q_galt/status/1250921439802212353?s=21 https://twitter.com/q_galt/status/1250921439802212353
Abromovich is a centerpiece in entertainment cirles and science circles and Washington circles.
Just like Epstein and Ghislaine.


B1tch is somewhat talentless; if ya ask me.

https://twitter.com/q_galt/status/1255592704035053568?s=21 https://twitter.com/q_galt/status/1255592704035053568
Aaaaand the Pope is gone.

All this has happened just since February.

https://twitter.com/q_galt/status/1251870021912911873?s=21 https://twitter.com/q_galt/status/1251870021912911873
And last but certainly, not least, thank you @FLOTUS @MELANIATRUMP !

You are a BIG huge part of all things children saving!!!

Melania told us about the Tennis Pavillion...in code...on Epsteins island.

It’s really a stadium for rituals.

Slick, Hero! Thank you!
That’s a tarp.
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