Still deeper "into the breach".

"The Water Of Life"

When I wrote that in another Tweet that I, 'now', cannot find, it was as the beginning of a (sub-) thread in which to discuss some stuff that, it's long seemed to me, folks in Science are 'afraid' of.

1. The actual water of
Life is the #Universal_Extreme_Fluid ( #UEF), the basics of which are explained in my #Tapered_Harmony blog 

(read 'up' from the 'bottom' if you're interested).

It's the UEF that instantiates and 'sustains' the existence of everything, at all scales of,
I've got to 'go back 50 years', here, to enable you to understand what I'm going to discuss.

I was locked into what had become a Life-and-Death struggle to reify nervous system function because I'd made progress that I could not controvert, and that had import that left me
=completely= Obligated to bring it to Fruition.

I'd =seen= into how & why the phenomenon of "Prejudice" so routinely devastates Human Beings, and having so seen, I knew I could not 'give up' for any possible reason.

The Suffering that I saw arising in "Prejudice" was just too

It would be a Fight to the Death of either "Prejudice" or me.

So I threw myself into the work, and, within 'three years', had solved the problem from a "Behavioral" perspective.

I 'presumed' that the 'only thing left to do' was to communicate the problem Resolution.
But, when I tried to communicate the work I'd brought to Fruition, the only thing that happened was that all of my efforts were 'thwarted' by =Prejudice=.

Imagine it. I'd come to be intimately aware of the Havoc Prejudice wreaks across all of Humanity. Just Witnessing such was
heart-rending, and it almost caved-me-in.

I'll spare folks the 'gory' details, and jump forward.

The 'criticism' that was always 'offered' with respect to the "Behavioral" resolution that I'd reified was, ~"How can you say that. We don't know anything about the brain."
So I saw that I had to reify "the brain", and tasked myself with Doing so, only to discover that, to reify "the brain", one must reify 'the' whole nervous system. (Anyone who talks about "the brain" as if it's 'external' to the nervous system is blowing smoke up your nose.)
'now' I'm going to jump ahead 'a couple of decades', again with the courtesy of sparing you the 'gory' details.

I'd made Real Progress, and looked forward to a Career as a Professional Neuroscientist - because, "after all, when I communicate =these= findings, the offers'll come
rolling in."

Or so I 'presumed'.

It was Amazing. I'd reified how & why Prejudice arises in the Biology, releasing Savagery upon Savagery upon Humanity.

And =no one= would even look at the Problem Resolution.

Be-Cause, Prejudice.

Looking back, it's Sorrowfully-'hilarious'.
But, at 'the time', it was Life-Threatening.

The =only= thing that got me through it was that, while I'd done the work, some stuff that imploded to unity with respect to nervous system function reminded me of stuff that The Christ had taught - '2,000 years ago'. And the more I
'chewed on' this stuff, the more I saw that The Christ wasn't kidding when He said, "I am the water of life", and "I am the truth, the way, and the life."

Because He was talking about what it stands verified that the #UEF does, which is to instantiate and 'sustain' everything in
Physical Reality - every 'atom'.

The Christ was =always= speaking from the perspective of what the UEF does.

You won't (as yet) be able to grasp that, but I hope you'll 'scratch your head', a bit, with respect to it.
I'll continue this thread 'tomorrow', when I'll answer the question Pilate asked of The Christ, "Quo est veritas?".

"Oh, Ken, will you never learn to just keep your mouth shut?!"


I Love you that much.

k. p. collins
Correction: "Quid est veritas?"

I Apologize for my Error.

k. p. collins
I'm too 'tired' to continue 'tonight'.

Will, hopefully, recover enough to continue after some 'time' in sleeping-consciousness.

To 'skeptics': Yes, =sleeping-consciousness=. I'll explain if folks'll allow me to do so.

k. p. collins
Truth is what remains Invariant under all possible Observations.

Folks have 'difficulty' Seeing Truth because folks don't understand the way nervous systems process information solely via 'blindly'-automated minimization of topologically-distributed Excitation/Inhibition.
The one TD E/I⬇️ dynamic has been Preserved through evolutionary dynamics because it enables resolution of problems having infinitely-large scope in 'millisecond' 'time' frames, which is Survival Critical.
Nervous systems 'love' to achieve TD E/I-minimization, symbolically: ❤️ = TD E/I⬇️, or just ❤️⬇️.

I Verified the ❤️⬇️ principle for 'the' almost the entire nervous system by Summer, 1980, while supporting my Research by working as a Programmer/Analyst at Insurance Companies in
Hartford, CT.

The way that ❤️⬇️ occurs 'within' nervous systems has a "Tragic Flaw" deriving =solely= in Absence-of-Understanding-re-❤️ (Abs-Und-❤️), which can be robustly eliminated by acquiring an understanding of how & why nervous systems process information solely via ❤️⬇️.
This isn't 'sky-pie'.

Because all nervous systems do is 'strive' 'blindly' and automatically to achieve ❤️⬇️, they become 'blindly' and automatically 'attracted' to that which is merely experienced relatively frequently.

Which dynamics is whence comes 100% of the phenomenon of
"Prejudice", which is actually "the 'attractiveness' of the familiar".

'blindly'-automated ❤️⬇️ leaves folks 'moving toward' that which they have most-frequently experienced.

Instead of 'moving toward' Truth.

Be-Cause, Abs-Und-❤️, folks experience that which has become
relatively 'familiar' 'to be truth', which is the 'difficulty' that I mentioned earlier.

Because no two people can occupy the same space at the same 'time, everyone's experience is individually-unique.

So, if you trace back to above, everyone experiences individually-unique

And because one Individual's 'truth' differs from another Individual's 'truth', when 'the' Individuals experience each other, each will =always= constitute a stimulus set that elevates TD E/I 'within' the other's nervous system.

Which is how & why 100% of 'interactive'

'squabbles', 'argument', fist fights, gang territoriality, Murder, Mass Murder, War, Planetary Destruction deriving in 'profit-seekers' remaining Abs-Und-❤️.

No kidding.

"Man's inhumanity to man" is that 'simple'.

The Tragedy of Humanity's self-Ravaging can =only= be
transcended through folks' coming to understand how & why nervous systems process information via 'blindly'-automated ❤️⬇️.

This's not 'sky-pie'.

Everything necessary already exists in every 'normal' (organically-intact) nervous system.

I'll explain how & why it's so 'tomorrow

The Maths duality from which Neuroscientific Duality Theory takes its name is that, behavior is produced as a by-product of 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimization (❤️⬇️).

The =only= way to eliminate the 'blindness' inherent is through =learning= how & why

k. p. collins
nervous systems process information via 'blindly'-automated ❤️⬇️.

This's not 'sky-pie'.

It stands completely Verified.

I'll explain the =Crucial= "learning" that enables folks to 'move toward' Truth, instead of that which has merely become relatively 'familiar', 'tomorrow".
It's the most Awesomely-Beautiful Stuff of which I'm aware, so I hope folks will read along.

'till 'then',

k. p. collins
I've got to 'pace' my discussion better because I tend to forget that folks don't understand the Neuroanatomy (yet).

For instance, if you've heard that the left hemisphere of 'the brain' controls the right half of your body, and the right, the Ieft, want to give you a better
understanding of how & =why= it's so. I want to give you an understanding of how & =why= this (neural-)topological mapping is so =extremely= functional, and how & =why= it Serves you Well in =everything= that you experience and =everything= that you do.

It's not only the
'left/right' stuff that 'everybody's heard about.

=Everything= in your nervous system is topologically mapped in exquisite accord with the same 'left/right' stuff.

For instance, the 'areas' of your "somatosensory cortex" (roughly, the primary 'area' where you experience stuff
that touches your body) is upside-down and backward with respect to the front of your body, in that it is toward the rear of your brain.

Your primary "motor cortex" is also upside-down and backward, in that it is toward the front of your brain.

And your primary "visual cortex"
is upside-down, left-right reversed, and backward with respect to your eyes, in that it is at the back of your head.

There is =much more= of such exquisite topological mapping in your 'brain', but the above is sufficient for a =basic= understanding of how & why the TD E/I-min
-imization ("❤️⬇️") dynamics are so extremely functional even though, given the wonders that your nervous system routinely produces, the ❤️⬇️ principle seems to be "so overly-simple" that it seems, on first encounter, to be "offensive".

"Surely more than the minimization of a
simple ratio to do everything that 'the brain' does."

I thought so too. When I first started 'playing with it', it's 'simplicity' was so 'offensive' in the light of what I'd previously heard about 'the brain' - "We don't know anything about the brain." "The brain is the most
complex three pounds of matter in the known universe.", "Etc." - that I spent ~5 'years' working =hard= trying to 'break' it. I wanted to be a Neuroscientist. I didn't want to go before professional Neuroscientists saying, "Look here, this simple ratio produces everything that
the brain does."

But the harder I worked to break the simple principle, the more I was =Humbled= (capital "H" humbled) by it, and what it makes possible 'within' nervous systems.

Be-Cause, all of the exquisite topological mapping, including the primary 'sensory', 'motor', and
'visual' 'areas' of 'the brain' that I briefly discussed above are so mapped =solely= to actualize the functionality of the one
'simple' TD E/I-minimization principle.

All of the upside-down, and 'backward' mapping constitutes a physical mapping of "being on the inside looking
out", which is 100% of how & why everything you experience about the world "makes sense" to you.

Because, when you want to pick something up off of the floor, for instance, the topological mapping, above, 'blindly' and automatically coordinates 100% of the necessary activation
of all of the muscles of your body so that they enable your body to bend-down, grasp the "thing", and pick it up.

And =all= that's entailed is that 'simple' ❤️⬇️ occurs 'within' your nervous system.

If you move incorrectly, the movement error is mapped 'within' your nervous
system in a way that results in TD E/I⬆️, and since all that nervous systems do is to 'blindly' and automatically minimize the topologically-distributed ratios of excitation to inhibition occurring 'within' them, your nervous system achieves ❤️⬇️ by eliminating the ❤️⬆️ which
'blindly' and automatically corrects the movement error by =eliminating= the muscle activation that produced the movement error.

our nervous system typically does all of this in 'milliseconds' - so rapidly that you most often don't notice the "correction".

Your nervous system
=routinely= resolves problems that are of =infinitely= large scope in the same, 'simple' TD E/I-minimization (❤️⬇️) way.

For instance, consider the attack of a wild animal. It's because it can come from =any= direction in one's 'local' surround that =avoiding= being eaten is a
a problem having infinitely-large scope.

The 'simple' ❤️⬇️ dynamics were converged upon during, and have been preserved within, the course of Evolution because they do, in fact, make short work out of infinite numbers of problems having infinitely-large scope.

Which is how &
why Human Beings have been able to not only Survive, but Prosper in widely-varying environmental conditions.

The 'simple' ❤️⬇️ dynamics 'take care of everything' =except= the "Tragic Flaw" that I briefly discussed a lot of tweets ago.

I'll be working back to that stuff, but
not 'tonight'.

It's funny. I took a lot of notes with respect to 'what I intended to discuss'. Haven't gotten to any of them :-]


I will, but not 'tonight'. I've got to go over what I've written to make sure that I'm making it =all= easy enough for folks to =Get= (Cap-G)
I can hardly wait to show you The Christ's Great Love for =you=.

Your jaw will hang down just like mine did 'decades ago', and still does, only moreso.

More 'tomorrow'.

'til 'then',❤️⬇️ to you and yours.
I said above that because all nervous systems do is 'strive' 'blindly' and automatically to achieve ❤️⬇️, they become 'blindly' and automatically 'attracted' to that which is merely experienced relatively frequently.

I left out something Important. If you study the Neuroscience
Literature, you'll routinely encounter papers in which it is asserted that "this grandmother cell has the intelligence to do all of this or that all by itself".

Every such 'assertion' is completely False.

After the =early= development of nervous system structure unfolds,
all that any individual nerve cell does is to manifest trophic (=roughly=, "growth") activity that is coupled exactly to the activation that the nerve cell 'experiences' (a full discussion of these trophic dynamics requires a thick Molecular Neuroscience book).
Think of these trophic dynamics as being a bit like heliotropism in plants, in which plants "grow toward the (sun) light".

Because all nerve cells do is grow in a way that's exactly coupled to the activation that occurs within them, =and= because =all= activation that occurs
'within' a nervous system is 'blindly' and automatically TD E/I-minimized, nerve cells will always grow with respect to that which their host organism (you & me) experiences most frequently.

Which is the dynamic in which 100% of "Prejudice" is manifested behaviorally.
Understand? In absence of understanding of the stuff I'm explaining, the neural dynamics tend, strongly, to 'always' converge with respect to that which is merely experienced most frequently.

Which =needlessly= has enormous negative consequences across interactive dynamics
at all scales of group-size - inter-person, familial, neighborhood, city, state, nation, international, Humanity as a whole.

Because, in Abs-Und-❤️, 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimization tends, strongly, to direct an organism to 'move toward' that which has merely become
relatively 'familiar' - relatively TD E/I-minimized.

See =The Big Problem=?

Consider the cases of Children who grow up in deprived circumstances. Because of the nervous system dynamics I've briefly explained above, the Children's nervous systems literally grow, 'blindly' and
automatically, in ways that result in the Individuals being 'attracted' to what they've merely experienced most frequently - which is the deprivation of their Childhood circumstances.

Which is Tragic. =Needlessly!=

It is, for instance, the =sole= wellspring of all the Shootings
that have been occurring in Chicago and 'two' many other cities across The United States Of America.

Think about it.

Children experiencing the behavioral dynamics of "the gun" so frequently that their nervous systems =literally= grow so that TD E/I-minimization 'within' them
tends, strongly, to direct their behavior in a way that 'moves toward' "the gun" (a sufficient treatment of this stuff also requires a thick book).

Translate the above to "Nations", and you'll see 100% of how and why =all= "Wars" occur.

100% of "man's inhumanity to man" derives
in Absence-of-Understanding with respect to how & why nervous systems process information via 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimization.


Think about it.
"But wait, Ken, show me how Mozart composed his great music or Frank Ghery (sp?) produced his great architecture by minimizing a simple ratio.

'tonight', some 'soup' that I put together in my slow cooker, and which I thought came out pretty good, has given me a wicked headache.

"Bachelor 'food'."

I've been tweeting through it, so please forgive any typos, etc.

It wasn't the soup. It was some toxic 'cigarettes'.

This stuff has been recurring for 'years'.

Unfortunately, before I recognized the toxins - they leave a distinctive aftertaste - a number of my Neighbors just happened to bum 'cigs'.

They all also got sick.
I was a long-term smoker, but stopped 'months' earlier this 'year' because of the same 'added-value' Toxins. I started again only on 08-11-2020 because I'm 'up to my nostrils' in hard-to-do stuff. During such 'times', I must maintain solitude. Nicotine 'blanks' me to the longing
to be with others.

"Anyway", since I've been Poisoned (again), I've decided not to continue this thread at the 'current time'.

Why the Poisoning recurs has to do with the stuff I've been sharing here 'in twitter'. Because of what's in the work I've done has value
in the Trillions of Trillions of $. No kidding.

'profit-seekers' tried to 'bribe' me in the early 1980. (Impossible. I'm not 'for sale' at =any= price.) When 'they' couldn't 'bribe' me, they just 'took' my work, and have been 'taking it' ever since.
Which has been hard to endure, but I have endured because there's Nothing that's 'two' much for the Children.

(I use "'two'" to point to the duality that is Reified in my work in Neuroscience - to show both understanding & disgust with respect to what the 'profit-seekers' 'do'.
Understanding is required because, as The Christ =Prayed= from His Cross, "Father, forgive them for they know not what they do!"

Because the 'profit-seekers' remain Abs-Und-❤️, the work I do is - also - a Rescue Mission on =their= behalves.

But I'm 'never' quite able to not
experience 'disgust' when I See what they 'do'. Especially to the =Children=.

"For Goodness' Sakes!"

k. p. collins
"Anyway", when I realized that, once again, I was being Poisoned (Putin, et al, are not the only ones who do such to their Citizens), I went back to cigarettes that I'd purchased before the toxins reappeared. When I finish those, I'll have to go through a minor withdrawal period,
which is why I decided not to continue this thread at this 'time'.

All of this Really-Nasty stuff has been going on for nearly four 'decades'.

Because I Loved the Children enough to find within myself the Will to do the work I've Done.

What's Sorrowfully-'hilarious' is that
what the 'profit-seekers' don't understand is that 'they' are not doing anything with respect to =me=.

Everything they 'do' they 'do' with respect to =Truth=.

And Truth 'moves away from', right-back.

'then' 'they' 'wonder' why 'they' experience 'life' as Hell.

Which is the
Sorrowfully-'hilarious' stuff.

'they' are Murdering their own Children's Futures while 'la-de-da'-'prancing-around' like 'big-wheels'.

See why it's fallen to me to Rescue 'them'?

Until 'whenever',

k. p. collins
I've decided that I cannot leave this thread 'dangling', so I'm going to continue, at least 'tonight'. (The 'hidden problem' is that, while I was studying nervous systems and their functioning back during the 9 'years' that I refer to as "the Terrible Times", I came to See
everything all at once [really, I could pass all of the neural activation correlated with an activation 'state' through my 'mind' is ~6 'seconds'. Which no one believes. But 'they' never say how I Reified nervous system function as I long ago Demonstrated? :-]

=communication= among people can only occur sequentially [which is also Reified in NDT]. So I have to =artificially= discuss what is actually massively-parallel neural dynamics in a 'piecemeal' fashion if there's to be any chance of others' getting it.

But in discussing things
in an artificially sequenced 'way', stuff that's important with respect to folks' coming to understand usually gets 'skipped'. I'm discussing it, but I 'forget' to explicitly state it, and this leaves folks without information sufficient to enable them to understand.

For instance, the other 'night' when I was discussing the way neurons 'growth' is exactly coupled to the activation that occurs 'within' them, what I was actually discussing was "Biological Mass", which, with respect to nervous system function, is =exactly= analogous to what
has been referred to as "mass" in Physics.

Nerve cell 'growth' embodies "Biological Mass" (don't call it "biomass"), which exerts physical inertia 'within' subsequent neural activation dynamics.

It's this construction of Biological Mass that results in nervous systems directing
behavior in 'ways' that 'move toward' that which has merely driven prior neural activation most frequently.

Which is 100% of what "Prejudice" physically is.

'moving toward' that which is merely relatively-'familiar' is the by-product of TD E/I-minimization relative to
=previously= instantiated Biological Mass (microscopic trophic modifications to neural tissue (including neuralglia cells).

Because Biological Mass exerts Physically Real inertia 'within' neural dynamics.

An actually sufficient treatment of this stuff requires a thick Molecular
Neuroscience book in which the 3D #UEF flow dynamics are traced all the way through cellular structure and dynamics all the way down to just the Universal Extreme Fluid (UEF), which none of my Professional colleagues understand or accept (yet). You and they need only to see
blog to understand at a basic 'level'. 

Read 'up' from the 'bottom'.

(I wrote the blog - which is pure Physics - while holding in 'mind' enabling folks to understand the stuff of this thread.)
Next, I'll show you how (and why) to put the stuff that's been presented thus far in this thread together in a way that will enable you to literally observe the TD E/I-minimization - which are all nervous systems do - in action.

(Note there are neural dynamics that I've not yet
explained (in this thread) that are actually functionally included in this "next" stuff, which I can only discuss sequentially because (written) communication can only occur in a sequential fashion.

I'll explain the other stuff subsequently, so you'll receive a complete overview
as this thread continues. I'm doing it this way because the "next" stuff will assist your understanding to the "subsequent" stuff.

Just keep in 'mind' that, 'within' nervous systems, everything happens 'simultaneously', in a massively-parallel way.

You'' shout for Joy when you
grasp the whole of it.

Which is what nervous systems do - =literally= "grasp" understanding, which "grasping" is =in= the dynamics of Biological Mass and the physical inertia that it exerts.

It seem "a lot", but it's Simple because it's all the one thing: ❤️⬇️ (TD E/I⬇️).
So don't be 'afraid' of the "newness" (the 'unfamiliar' stuff).

Which I'll also show you how to do (subsequently).

=Everything= you need is =already= within you.

No kidding.
I have a lot of stories about the little Birds - Sparrows - that I feed with bread that I scatter about for them.

I Love to observe them.

There was one female Sparrow, a couple of 'years' ago, that would always fly on a direct line right at me before she circled back to feed.
I experienced her =always= doing this as her way of Joyfully Communicating her Gratitude to me. Honest.

And here =always= doing so always gave me my own thrill of Joy.

One 'day' she was on her Joyful-Greeting flight when a Shrike flashed from a perch high in a tree and took her
I grabbed my rake and ran to the evergreen where the Shrike had carried her. But it was too late, She'd apparently been Killed 'instantly' when the Predator struck.

I still miss that little Sparrow, and the Love she manifested.

"Anyway", I'll share some general observations
about 'my' little Birds. Remember, what I'm doing here is showing you how (and why) to See TD E/I-minimization in action 'within' nervous systems.

The 'differences' between Fledglings and mature Birds is informative with respect to TD E/I(min).

Early in each breeding season,
both male & female Birds come to feed on the bread I put out for them (which is always the same bread the I eat; usually Arnold's(TM) "Oatnut" ("No Added Nonsense" (❤️)) when it's available where I shop. This bread is so nutritious that, over the course of a Summer, 'my' little
coloration brightens spectacularly in both intensity and hue, one Bird so much so that I named it "Fire Bird", because, when it's wings were folded, she looked like a "flame" was painted (in sharp shades of tan, gray and brown) on her.

I saw a second "Fire Bird" just last
'morning' - with a thrill of Joy.

I get Blujays (they're 'dive bombing' raiders that perch above scoping out the piece of bread that they want, swoop down, take it, and fly off - although a couple have taken to feeding on the ground. One has mastered taking two, or even three
pieces of bread before flying off. "Strong beak muscles.")

A pair of mated Red Headed Woodpeckers come to feed, always one at a 'time'. They were =really= wary of me for three 'years', but just lately they've been feeding on the ground among the other Birds. I Love observing
their really-powerful flight, which is probably an evolutionary necessity due to the way that they perch vertically while doing their beak-chisel work. They have to be 'instantly' into flight when they release from the side of a tree. I call them "Rocket Birds". Check them out
and you'll understand why. They fly like guided missiles.

In the 2nd 'year' of my feeding 'my' little Birds, Starlings 'caught on' to the bread, and 'now' routinely raise havoc in the midst of the Sparrows. They are glutenous, usually trying to gulp down a whole piece of bread
at once, which is sometimes comical because they hop up and down with their beaks pointed to the sky trying to get a 'gravity' assist :-]

I have to admit, though, Fledgling Starlings are flat-out beautiful. They look like miniature elliptical galaxies, bright 'stars' on black,
with 'dust clouds' because their flight feathers are gray.

For the first 'time', just this 'morning', I observed a Starling using the pavement as a tool as it "swished" a piece of bread back & forth on it.

There was a mated pair of Cardinals last 'year. I bought some special
"Cardinal food" for them this 'year', but they never showed up. So the Squirrels have been getting their Sun Flower seed mix.

I've got a lot of Squirrel stories too. There's one that I call "Daddy Long Legs" because all four of his limbs are more than an inch longer than any
other Squirrel I've ever seen. Last 'year', another Squirrel tried to attack him and he just went vertical more than three feet in the air. The other Squirrel just ran right under him wondering where he'd gone :-] He landed, unphased by the attack, and just went on foraging.
He still drops by 'now' and 'then'. I like him.

Then there's "Arnold". His whole body bristles with powerful musculature as if he works out with heavy weights at some 'squirrel gym'. None of the other Squirrels mess with him. He must weigh twice as much as a 'normal' Squirrel.
And no observable fat. He's an amazing Squirrel. Seems to be peaceful despite his everywhere-heavily-muscled body. All Squirrels kind of waddle when they walk, but "Arnold" has to walk with an "S-curve" stride.

Then there was "Lucifer", the 'psycho' Squirrel. He'd watch me,
and when I watered a plant in my 'yard', he'd chew the plant up after I'd gone in. Over and over again. He chewed several feet off of the Azalea plant that I'd been nurturing-up from a 'twig'.

It was as if he thought that I was an intruder in =his= 'territory'.
'then' the tree where he nested lost a huge branch, which fell on my "TT", and the tree was cut down by the Trailer Park folks.

I saw him sporadically after that - he was easily recognizable because his 'belly' was an extraordinarily-brilliant white - but he was changed, and no
longer attacked my Azalea bush (which is 'now' being attacked by some kind of blight that kills its branches.)

Sorry about my "reminiscing", what I actually wanted to discuss is how easy it is to see most of the external observables of the Neuroscience stuff I've discussed
by just watching Birds. If you look back, you'll see that I've embedded a number of teaching examples in the 'stories' above.

Here's the general theme. Fledgling Sparrows fly in with their Parents, but they'll be right next to a piece of bread, and they'll still be doing their
chaotic "wing-fluttering" behavior, expecting their Parents to feed them "as if they're still in the nest".

This feeding-eliciting behavior is analogous to the "crying" behavior of hungry human Infants.

In both Bird & Infant cases, such chaotic behavior elevates TD E/L 'within'
Parents' nervous systems. The 'only' way that the Parents can achieve TD E/I-minimization is by feeding their offspring, which 'shuts off' the TD E/I(up) that "hunger" directs 'within' the offspring's nervous system, which 'shuts off' the chaotic wing-flutter/crying behavior,
which allows TD E/I-minimization to once again occur 'within' the Parents' nervous systems.

It's =not= so-called "instinct".

It's 100% TD E/I-minimization.

"Survival" and "Nurture" =constructed in= ❤️⬇️.


"But", Be-Cause, Absence-of-Understanding-re-❤️, 'two' often
'parents' mistake the negative affect (roughly, "emotion") that =always= accompanies occurrences of ❤️⬆️ 'within' nervous systems as 'indicating' that their Children 'are attacking them'.

And in such Abs-Und-❤️, they Batter, Abuse, or Kill their own Children.
See how & why understanding "TD E/I-minimization is a Crucial Necessity?

It is.

Murder, Mass Murder, War - all of "man's inhumanity to man" reduces directly to the same neural dynamics that I've explained above.

They derive =solely= in Abs-Und-❤️.

Think about it.

I Promised you "Mozart", so I'll give you that 'tomorrow', along with "Creativity, "Curiosity", and "Volition".

Yes, "Free Will" is real.

And it must be Guarded.


Oh yeah - If anyone's 'wondering', I'm not 'q'.

The whole 'qanon' 'thing' is a damnable psi-op 'cooked-up' by Abs-Und-❤️ 'profit-seeking' Child-Abusers.

k. p. collins

I'll explain (briefly) how & why "Music" happens 'within' nervous systems, using it as a teaching-example with respect to certain important dynamics that also occur with respect to everything else that happens 'within' nervous systems.
There is one of "The Great Courses"TM that I'll recommend in this regard, "How Music and Mathematics Relate", because it is Excellent Work that is Taught by a Professor who obviously has great Love for his subject that is matched by his Knowledge and Expertise.

I'm going to show
you how & why everything he Teaches occurs 'within' your nervous system, reducing it all to the 'simple' minimization of the Topologically-Distributed ratios of Excitation to Inhibition that occur 'within' your nervous system.

I will emphasize the =general= neural dynamics.
I'll begin by explaining "Supersystem Configuration" dynamics.

'the brain' is a system that is comprised of many systems - a "supersystem".

Coordination among the systems is governed by "Supersystem Configuration" mechanisms embodied in the Cerebellum, Hippocampus, Basal
Ganglia and Prefrontal Cortex. (I'll try to remember to get a Wikipedia URL for you later, so you'll have a visual reference to these neuroanatomical regions, but you don't need them to understand the stuff I'm going to explain.)

During waking-consciousness, your 'brain' is
always in one of two primary neural dynamic "phases" - 1. the "Passive", "Sensory Domnant", or "Information-Gathering Optimization" Phase, and 2. the "Active", "Motor Dominant", or "Performance Optimization" Phase (each of the triple names has its particular topical usefulness.)
(Note: I'm only going to explain "bright, shining, fully-alert" waking-consciousness, not it's gradations and variations, which all derive in the same supersystem configuration dynamics but require voluminous discussion.)
Your nervous system exists in 'the' passive phase whenever you're receiving "sensory" inputs - like when you're listening to someone talk, or when you're reading this thread.

The main problem handled by the supersystem configuration mechanisms involves "weeding out" extraneous
neural activation with respect to "attention". For instance, if you are to actually hear what someone is saying, all other auditory stimulation must be more or less 'tuned-out'.

Such 'tuning' occurs via 'simple' TD E/I-minimization 'within' the supersystem configuration
mechanisms which are all rigorously topologically mapped with respect to their inputs from, and outputs to other 'brain' areas. A very important supersystem configuration nexus is the "Thalamus", which is like a network "switchboard" on steroids - a =really= capable one.
Artificially 'isolating' on the hippocampus, it receives two main neural inputs - 1. "epicritic", which is rigorously topologically mapped, and 2. "protopathic", which is non-specifically mapped.

'within' the hippocampus, these two main inputs are merged in an gated way that
alternates back and forth between them, 'gating' one and then the other while any activation that can be 'eliminated' without resulting in an occurrence of increased TD E/I is "configured-out" of the alternating input dynamics.
The 'cadence' of the alternate-gating is 'called' by the "Septal Theta Rhythm".

The non-specific input is an inherently 'disordered' input that elevates TD E/I. It's function is to prevent the hippocampus from 'seizing-up' by always adding 'extra' activation into the dynamics,
which is the first of several 'contradictions' of the TD E/I-minimization principle I'll discuss.

The non-specific inputs always 'wander', and as they do, they instantiate the fundamental essence of "Creativity" - the little 'flashes' to which your attention is sometimes
very-productively 'attracted'.

But, mainly, the non-specific inputs are mostly eliminated as TD E/I-minimization proceeds.

The outputs of the hippocampus project to numerous other areas, but, in particular, to the thalamus which has reciprocal (to and from) connections to the
"cortex" of your 'brain'.

So what the hippocampal supersystem configuration mechanism does is "configure" cortical activity into a relatively TD E/I-minimized 'state' than lets you "hear" what a particular other person is saying to you.
Analogous neural dynamics occur with respect to =every other= sensory-dominant 'state' that occurs 'within' your nervous system, in each case, with the hippocampus configuring different neural pathways into and out of the on going supersystem configuration.

There are some
'unfamiliar' words involved, but the above stuff could not be simpler, so don't be 'afraid' of letting yourself understand it, despite the 'unfamiliar' terms.

The main this to =get= is how & why everything above is 100% TD E/I-minimization.
The "Active" phase neural dynamics are similar, except that, instead of optimizing "sensory" dynamics, they optimize "motor" dynamics - the activation of the "effectors" (muscles and glands) of your body.
In in general, the passive and active phases more or less rapidly alternate in supersystem configuration dynamics.

When TD E/I(up) occurs during the "performance-optimization" dynamics of the "active" phase, that always means that an 'error' has occurred, and the supersystem
=rapidly= reconfigures itself into it's "passive" phase in which the 'error' is "sensed", TD E/I-minimized ("recognized"), and supersystem =re= configuration is initiated - in which, say, the muscle activations that caused you to "stub your toe" are configured out of ensuing
"motor" neural activation dynamics.
In "Music" (Composition, Playing, Vocal Performance, Instrument Making, etc.) all of the neural dynamics, above, occur 'except' that they occur with specific respect to the 'problem' of "Music".

Whether in Composition Playing, Singing or Instrument Making, the proverbial
"squeaky wheel" receives the 'oil' of supersystem =re= configuration - the "sour note" is eliminated, and the Beautiful Symphony is converged upon.

All by nothing other than TD E/I-minimization occurring 'within' one's Wondrous nervous system!

Even Mozart's.
It's =CRUCIAL!= that =Necessities= inherent in these "supersystem configuration" dynamics be understood by =everyone= because, all 'two' often, people interrupt, or otherwise interfere with, the supersystem configuration dynamics occurring 'within' the nervous systems of others.
Which I'm Certain anyone who reads this thread will have experienced.

'bullies' devote themselves to so 'interfering' with the supersystem configuration dynamics occurring 'within' the nervous systems of others.

And such tends to accumulate within the experience of the targets
until 'ostracization' occurs, 'trapping' the targeted person, or aggression occurs, with violence spilling-over in a widening 'way' - as in "rioting" and "vandalization".

"Anyway", I forgot some important stuff when I wrote the SysCfg discussion.
Biological Mass is instantiated in (during) both the passive and active phases.

Subsequently, this biological mass is re-configured upon and used as a "template" with respect to =further= TD E/I-minimization.

During active (performance-optimization) phase dynamics,
correlated formerly instantiated biological mass is supersystem configured in =sensory= areas and used as a =template= with respect to which TD E/I-minimization is guided in =motor= areas.

And vice versa.

Always, always, always.
Which is how & why =all= "learning" occurs 'within' nervous systems - 'within' your 'brain'.

Study it until you See how & why what =you= do is important with respect to what occurs 'within' the nervous systems of others.
Which is some of what The Christ was talking about when He said, "Love your neighbor as you love yourself."

How do you "love yourself"?

By achieving TD E/I-minimization 'within' =your= nervous system.
Love your 'neighbor' (the other person) by Living in a way that assists in the occurrence 'within' your 'neighbor's nervous system.

Which is the fundamental essence of all Love.

'my' little bundle of Flying-Joy understood this.

So can =every= Human Being.

k. p. collins
You know? When someone's experience is different from yours, understand that their different experience is founded in the =same= TD E/I-minimization that you Cherish for yourself.

Then do the work inherent in =Bridging the gap=.

=Give= each other ❤️⬇️!

That's what "Love" is.
"Oh yeah" - the Excellent Professor of the "Music & Maths" course is David Kung at Saint Mary's College of Maryland.

If you enjoy a Substantive Course, get his.

Also, I overlooked some stuff, and will add it to the SysCfg stuff 'tomorrow'.

I've realized that, since I'm 'skimming over' a lot of the details, I should give folks a couple of refs that will enable them - IFF they want to - to integrate the stuff I'm discussing, which is not available anywhere outside of my own work in Neuroscience, with Work done by my

If you're just beginning, find a copy of "The Human Brain Coloring Book", by M. C. Diamond, A. B. Scheibel, and L. M. Elson, Barnes & Noble Books, ISBN: 0-06-460306-7. I 'presume' it's available at Barnes & Noble bookstores and on Amazon. Don't be misled by the title
It's a Serious Introductory Neuroscience book that's done in a Fun way (not in cartoon way). You learn the Neuroanatomy while coloring diagrams of the neural pathways that comprise human nervous systems (including 'the brain'). The diagrams are simplified, but they include all of
the stuff that's most important.

The first textbook I used was, "Human Neuroanatomy", by Truex and Carpenter. I won't give an ISBN because there's a newer edition, with the same title, by Carpenter and Sutin.

I have both editions, but I can't find my copy of the newer one, so I
provide the ISBN, which is moot because - unbelievably - the textbook went out of print long ago - even though it's =still= the Best Neuroanatomy textbook I've ever come across.

I saw some used copies on Amazon 'years' ago, so you might try there.

Note: This is a "Formidable"
Tour de Force Textbook. It was the textbook assigned by the Excellent Neuroanatomy Professor whose course I 'took' as a non-degree-candidate graduate student at UMASS, Amherst during the 1975-6 academic 'year'. I 'took' a lot of courses that 'year', attending classes faithfully,
but without taking more than a few "tests", so I think I got "Incomplete" or "Fail" in all of them.

There was no point in meeting course requirements, not only because I was a non-degree-candidate, but because I didn't have the $ to become a PhD Candidate.

I was there to Learn
enough to continue my studies on my own before the $ I had left ran out. I'd already been developing what would become NDT for 4 'years'. I knew what I needed to Learn, and jammed-in all the courses I could that 'year'.

Another Excellent Neuroanatomy Textbook is,
"The Human Central Nervous System", by R. Nieuwenhuys, J. Voogd, and Chr. van Huijzen, Springer-Verlag. Same story on the ISBN. I can't find my newer copy. This book is expensive. Back in the early 1980s, it was $120+, so it'll be more than that if you want a new copy. But, to me
, it's worth its weight in gold. It's 'just' Excellent, with exquisitely drawn half-tone images, detailed cellular-distribution, and neural-circuitry diagrams, along with useful accompanying correlated text throughout.

This book enables you to =See= 'the brain'.

I've got a lot
Neuroscience books, and 'ransacked' Libraries at UMASS, Smith College, the UCONN Medical School In Farmington, CT (which were all Fabulous), and anywhere else I happened to travel to, all the while feeding the copy machines as my $ allowed.

"Doing what it took."

'tonight', I want to clarify some stuff about the "Supersystem Configuration" dynamics that are governed 'in' the hippocampus.

With respect to =all= cortical 'areas', TD E/I-minimization occurs 'within' so-called "columns", not in a way that's continuous across an area of cortex
The hippocampal cortex is routinely referred to as "allocortex", which is believed to be a "phylogenetically older" (earlier in evolution) type of cortex because it has onlt 3 "layers" while the "neocortex" has 6. But this belief is False.

The only stuff that gives up 'secrets'
with respect to 'evolutionary age' is the degrees to which neural topology appears to be mapped in 'convoluted', or 'inefficient', ways.

Hippocampal cortex is just as 'modern' as neocortex. It has 3 layers because, in it's supersystem configuration dynamics, it's processing
is speed-Critical in an absolute way upon which Survival depends.

The faster supersystem configuration dynamics are, the greater is the opportunity to Survive.


The columnar organizations of all cortical areas, which are like =relatively= 'independent' processors,
also 'tell' the same up-to-date evolutionary 'story'. They evolve in a global way, in which modifications are 'vetted' with respect to the information-processing capabilities of =all= of 'the' nervous system.

Which is another way to See the functionality of the TD E/I-(min)
"principle" - because =only= a dynamic that acts =globally= can possibly instantiate and 'maintain' globally-integrated functionality, and, because there are a lot of topologically-different 'areas' in a nervous system, =only= a dynamic that can functionally 'address' across all
of those areas will be able to instantiate and 'maintain' globally-integrated functionality, which is also Crucial to Survival.

It won't do for your hands to be working in a way that's not tightly coupled to the direction in which your head is 'facing', for instance - but
very different neural topologies (roughly, 'circuit implementations') activate head position and hand position.

It takes the awesome functionality of of 'simple' TD E/I-minimization to enable functional integration across such topological differences, including with respect to
"cortical columns".

The basics of which I'll show you next, including how & why cortical-column functional-integration happens 'within' your nervous system.

But first, I have to show you how & why "cortical columns" exist.
When you hear a noise that's offset to one side of your head (for instance), your head tends, strongly, to "orient" in the direction from which the noise came.

This's all built-in, and (basically) very-simple.

Because of the separation of your ears, any sound that is not in
balance at your ears instantiates a correlated TD E/I imbalance across both hemispheres of your 'brain'.

As this ❤️⬆️ is transformed into ❤️⬇️, the muscles in your neck, shoulders, trunk and legs (if necessary relative to the orientation dynamics) are activated in a way that's
tightly coupled to the =dynamic= TD E/I-minimization =gradient=, which empowers the activation of your body's musculature in a more or less precise (depending on your nervous system's immediately-preceding "proprioceptive" 'state' ("proprioception" is your 'sense' of your body's
of your body's position in space, mostly with respect to so-called "gravity" (so you don't "fall"), but also with respect to your whole body's 'instantaneous' conformation - proprioception enables your nervous system to know where your arms, etc., are) movement to orient in the
direction of the "noise".

Again, there's elegant neural topology involved, but the neural activation involved is =solely= TD E/I-minimization.

TD E/I-minimization exists throughout phylogeny (all "species"), and has exact analogues all the way down to Bacteria, which, by luck,
I Saw immediately while attending a presentation that included a discussion of "bacterial chemotaxis" ("Associative Search Network: A System of Sensory Guided Optimization"given by a Graduate Student, A. G. Barto, at "Brain Theory Day II, UMASS, Amherst).

Flagellite bacteria
move their flagella ('long', relative to the size of a bacterium) in an ordered or disordered fashion depending on the nutrient concentration gradient where they are.

Ordered movement of the flagella results in their winding into a twisted bundle, which enables a bacterium to
propel it's own motion in a relatively straight line, which enables it to 'climb' the nutrient concentration gradient and
'eat' more (which constitutes a fairly pure form of the 'climbing' of the UEF gradient that is a omnidirectional superset of the one-way 'movement' of
so-called "energy" from order to disorder that is What's =Described= by 2nd Thermo (WDB2T)).

In 'the absence of' a nutrient concentration gradient, the bacterium moves its flagella in a disordered fashion, which imparts a 'tumbling' motion to the bacterium - which is a
mode of motion that 'searches' for a nutrient concentration gradient to 'climb'.

Which is exactly the same "order is 'good', disorder is 'bad'" binary dynamic that occurs in TD E/I-minimization 'within' nervous systems. (In gen'l, tracing ❤️⬇️ through phylogeny is a lot of Fun.)
'you ask', "But, Ken, if td e/i(min) is all there is, how is memory so object and circumstance specific?"

Glad you asked.

If you recall (from way above in this thread), I explained how primary sensory, motor, and vision 'areas' are topologically mapped with respect to one
another and the rest of your body, with particular emphasis on passive & active phases and the phase shifts between them in which they serve as TD E/I-minimization "templates" for 'the other' phase.

Each of these "primary" areas are also topologically mapped to =multiple=
so-called "secondary (cortical) areas, only, where the primary areas are also mapped in a relatively "smooth" or 'continuous' fashion, the secondary area can be mapped in seemingly 'discordant' ways with respect to the primary areas.

I had to invent a new branch of Mathematics
(that I call "Information Calculus" (InfoCalc)) with specific respect to answering your question.

The foundation principle of InfoCalc is stated: The point-to-point union of symmetry and asymmetry is everywhere unique (the degree of uniqueness depending on =both= the degree of
symmetry and asymmetry.

I use InfoCalc to actualize information-content-addressable 'memory' as it occurs 'within' nervous systems, but it has unlimited other uses (since it's been, for more than 3 'decades', in the book I wrote and distributed, gratis, I 'presume' that the
Maths ( @amermathsoc) has come to be used in other ways. I 'presume' because no one has shown has ever said "thanks".)

Remember "cortical columns". They are instantiated when, as a body orients (including eye movements) the neural activation from the multiple secondary areas
that is mapped to correlated primary areas activates the primary areas in a way that "hovers" with respect to the dynamics of "front-center" orientation that were explained above.

TD E/I-minimization correlated to this "hovering" is what instantiates and 'maintains' =all=
so-called "cortical columns", which are, thus, conformed to each Person's individually-unique experience.

In the above statics and dynamics, the combined primary sensory and motor areas constitute the "symmetric overlay" in InfoCalc, while the multiple secondary areas associated
with each primary area form the "asymmetric overlay".

Put the two together, and, "zzzwwwiiippp", the result is always everywhere unique (under the "degree of" conditions above).

Which is a very useful result in which your question, which is infinitely-large in scope,
is answered completely.

I'll continue with some teaching examples 'tomorrow'.

(If you're 'wondering', "When will this ever end?", we're still working at a relatively low 'level' of nervous system function. There's a lot of really-worthwhile stuff remaining.)

But 'now', I need
to give myself over to sleeping-consciousness.

k. p. collins
"Whoops-a-daisies." I forgot that I wanted to say that I call the hippocampal supersystem configuration dynamics "Ratchet-Pawling" because I first analyzed them in terms of mechanical "clock escapements" set in an array.


Remember it with the slightly off-color memory
aid, "You are peeing constantly." (Hope that passes for a joke.)

R-P-ing occurs all over the place in Nature, because it's a dynamic that Flat-Out Works.

For instance, when Oak leaves 'fall' in Fall, and land on evergreens, the 'cut' geometry of the leaves R-Ps 'down' through
the branches of the evergreen until the branches become structurally resistant to wind-blown motion, which is where the fallen Oak leaves block the sunlight.

The Oak tree, literally attacking the evergreen.

Which is how & why a lot of "shrubs" are full of dead branches & holes.
Any binary-decision problem can be Solved via Ratchet-Pawling 'within' TD E/I-minimization (and TD E/I-minimization can be implemented in an unbounded number of ways, which is how & why it handles problems having infinitely-large scope routinely.)

"Anyway", gotta Sleep.
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