The proof keeps growing. When are we going to hold the media, Democrats, Fauci, CDC, FDA, responsible for the deaths. 
I have been saying it for months. Media, Democrats, Fauci, FDA, CDC all need to be investigated for blocking, attacking, and censoring HCQ. It's conspiracy. It's murder.

Article by American Association of Physicians & Surgeons
Hydroxychloroquine has been used for decades for other conditions. State governments and the FDA regulating the practice of medicine is unprecedented. Doctors prescribe off label all the time. Why are they interfering now? Their motives are highly suspicious.
Here is a link to a website for the Americas Frontline doctors who are trying to get past the Democrats, FDA, and social media censorship to get the truth out on HCQ. 
VP candidate #BidenHarris saying rioting and violence will never end. Democrats, media have allowed & promoted the destruction of cities. Dem run cities. Is it hyperbole to say vote for #BidenHarris2020 is a vote for destruction?
#FridayVibes #Kenosha
It's not even going to be close. A message is coming. This election is going to be a wipe out. The President will landslide the electoral college, win popular vote by largest margin ever, increase the senate and get a supermajority in the house.
Insane? No, my damn eyes are open
This is the crowd in Minnesota, Democrat state, for the VICE PRESIDENT. People want to show their support anyway they can.

The President campaigning in New Hampsheir.
And there is #BidenHarris2020 campaign who has not been out in pubic in weeks, in a Democrat city, and this is it. Come on, signs. All the #TrumpViolence hashtags you can muster can not change reality.
I have seen polls have it higher, but this is confirmation of the 20% threshold that will destroy Democrats. They need 80-90% of the Black vote to win any election. This is big, and also explains why they play the race card so much and always have.
Gay and Walked Away after testing Conservatives.
Funny, the mainstream media is ignoring this. Predicted 2016 correctly. Predicted 24 out of 26 elections correctly.
I think the President will win by more than this, but where the media polls were all wrong, the left still listens but ignore the few that were right.
North Carolina, just on the road. #Biden2020 had barely enough to call a gathering.
PA, in airport hangar area. Everywhere he goes, even along the road he rides, there are people. Where is the excitement for Biden we keep hearing about?
Yep, the President is losing popularity. #BidenHarris2020 will probably beat him. Said no one but loser leftist still stuck in a fake reality created by media and Democrats leaving them no option but to put their hope in hashtags like #TrumpIsNotLikeYou
Look at this. Joe "Where's my staff" Biden & Harris together can't fill a cafeteria. #VoteBlue are in an extreme denial if they think they have a chance. This is why they don't want Trump to have rallies. Shows the truth
#TrumpLiedPeopleDied #BidenHarris

Not seeing a #BidenHarrisLandslide2020 at all.

Reno, Nevada
#TrumpDoesntCare "Favorite President"

The left just needs to keep up the crazy. Its working.
Second rally same state Nevada. @ChadPergram you know #Biden has no chance yet your pushing some stupid narrative of a delay, Pelosi, well how about we just win the thing election night with overwhelming numbers.
@FinancialTimes @ChadPergram @CNN @jaketapper @Maddow @msnbc "Latinos" @nytimes #MondayMood

Another #BidenHarris2020 #VoteBlue rally. Who in the hell is buying #Biden2020 has even a chance? Check this thread for real enthusiasm.

Only ones hiding the truth are media and Democrats. They're spouting all kinds of nonsense under the utterly ridiculous notion #Biden has a chance. Don't believe me. This tweet is hooked to a thread that shows the truth. Try not to cry
Every where the President goes, love and respect. Haters are small compared to the number who support him. Believe fake media all you want #VoteBlueToEndThisNightmare it will not stop the historic landslide coming.
This was supposed to be the answer to Trump car parades, but it is a pathetic imitation. Ever notice there are always more media at #BidenHarris2020 events than supporters. Only deluded believe he or Democrats have a chance.

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