Tales from Retail

An ongoing thread with personal outtakes from normie investors.
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TF is Orchid, haven't done shit researching it on my end
Litecoin and EOS in 2020. WTF
OMG and EOS.

I feel like if I bought EOS, it's basically longing retail stupidity.

Profit is profit... SMH...
July 14th, 2020: "WHy iS $ETH #Ethereum 🔹 uNDeRVaLueD? iT'S $250 WiTHouT a WoRKiNG PRoDuCT"
A three-part tragedy, sent from my friend.

Context: Friend was convincing an experienced stock trader to buy ETH.

[1of3] Early July 2020: ETH was consolidating between 200-250...
[2of3] End of July 2020: "I wait till hits 90's again?"
[3of3] Mid August 2020
December 2018: Rock-bottom, $ETH $80.
"IT's GoiNG To $10. JB MaRGaN BaNKeR SeD So"
November 2018: The Shitcoin Confession Booth.
Owning cow shit, pig shit, dog shit, is not diversification.
He really owned all of these coins in screenshot.
just spam hentai
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