Alpha commands are extremely addictive to omega and even to other alphas so it's illegal to use them excessively.

Alpha Bakugou uses them when he gets off, he's by himself so it's ok it won't hurt anyone. Except he doesn't realize Kirishima can hear him through the wall.
Bakugou masturbates regularly enough so Kirishima doesn't even realize some thing is off. He knows it's wrong to listen to his best bro through the wall, but it's not like he's trying to. The blond is just so loud and his voice sends shivers down Kirishima's spine.
It's when Kirishima is in the hospital after his fight with Rappa that he starts to feel sick, but he assumes it's a side effect of the medication he's on.
It isn't until the third day, when Kirishima is sweating and shaking so violently his stitches pop that the nurses realize he's in withdrawal. They ask him about alpha commands and Kiri is like "of course not, no one has ever commanded me"
The hospital keep Kirishima until the tremors and vomiting stops, test him of all sorts of drugs but find nothing. A week later they send him back to school with a pamphlet on command addiction.
The redhead reads it but doesn't take it very seriously. He was probably just allergic to the meds.

Kirishima walks through the front doors of the class A dorms and is surrounded by all his friends, minus Bakugou and Todoroki.
Everyone is so kind and supportive, asking with concern why he was kept for so much longer than everyone else. Kirishima avoids the question awkwardly.

Then Bakugou turned the corner, arguing with Todoroki about something.
Kirishima couldn't process the words, but the distinct sound of Bakugou's voice make his knees go weak.

Next thing he knows he's on the floor.
There's a flurry of other voices, his friends panicking and asking what's wrong but it all sounds like background static in Kirishima's head.

Bakugou's deep and powerful voice is the only thing that cuts through.
It's not a command, but it's enough to make Kirishima sweat. It's like a tease. Some part of him is angry about that.

He wants everyone to be quiet so he can hear better. He wants to press his ear to Bakugou's lips and just listen to the blond talk all day.
He needs Bakugou to command him or he's gonna vomit.

The pamphlet in Kirishima's back pocket feels heavy.
Bakugou's hand reaches through the crowd of their classmates and grabs Kirishima's arm, hauling him back to his feet.

"Give him space!" The blond's words teetered on the verge of a command, Kirishima couldn't help but whine.
The noise actually helped calm everyone's nerves. Kirishima had been gone a long time, it must be a rut.

"I'll take him to his room" Bakugou was responding to someone "Oi, shitty hair, can you walk alright?"

/command me to walk/

Kirishima clenched his jaw and nodded.
Bakugou made a face and tugged him a bit.

"What're you waiting for then? Come on." The blond was visibly irritated.

His voice had a commanding quality, but it wasn't a command. Kirishima felt a bubble of disappointment in his throat.
He drags his feet the whole way, frustrating Bakugou even more.
"Why are you sweating so much, thought you were an alpha" Bakugou grunted, half dragging Kirishima to his room.

The redhead doesn't respond, trying to hold his breath while Bakugou talks so he can hear him better while also trying to figure out when the blond commanded him.
He had only seen Bakugou command a few times, usually on accident in a fit of rage. The blond had taken extra classes to control that habit and Kirishima hadn't heard a command from the alpha since.

"You're fucking heavy" Bakugou growled "would you just walk already?!"
The blond inhaled deeply "You don't seem smell like rut. What's wrong with you?"

Kirishima let himself become dead weight, almost taking Bakugou to the ground with him.

"What the fuck?! Just /walk/ already!"
It was an instantaneous burst of pleasure, Kirishima's whole body felt /good/. He couldn't stop himself from sighing in relief as his body moved on its own to obey Bakugou's command.

The blond made a face. Alpha commands weren't supposed to work so easily on other alphas.
Kirishima blinked a few times then noticed Bakugou's stare. He flushed and looked away.

"Kirishima..." he started, his voice steady and serious.

It sent electricity up and down the redhead's spine.

"Did... Did you get bitched?"

"What?!" Kirishima's jaw dropped "N-no!"

"You're acting weird. You smell weird." Bakugou said, shoving his hands in his pockets "I saw the news, you got real fucked up... It's fine if-"

"I didn't get bitched!" Kirishima insisted
The redhead made a point to pump out an annoyed alpha scent "I'm fine. Just shaky after everything"
Bakugou scrunched his nose but didn't look convinced.

"I'm fine" Kirishima growled, going into his room ad shutting the door behind him.

In less than an hour he felt like absolute garbage.
The redhead paced around his room, head aching as he tried to read the pamphlet again. It took almost 45 minutes to read three sentences because Kirishima couldn't think over the pounding on his skull.
It wasn't usual information anyway. It just told him to avoid alpha commands, but Kirishima didn't know when he had heard them.
He got irritable around 8, extremely irritable. His stomach was churning, cold sweats all over. It had been the same way at the hospital. Always at 8.
Kirishima put his head between his knees, trying to take slow even breaths. In through his nose, out through his mouth. In through his nose, out through his mouth.

It didn't help at all.
He heard the tell tale signs of Bakugou entering his own room, the door slamming shut, the much quieter sounds of clothing being shed. Kirishima's stomach twist and he held his breath in anticipation, then felt disgusted with himself.
Was that what he was excited for? To hear his best friend jack off? Kirishima grimaced but leaned against the wall dividing them.

There was the sound of a cap, a slick squirting noise, a moan. Bakugou may be a lose canon during the day but he kept a strict schedule at night.
Another low, rumbling moan sounded through the wall and Kirishima swallowed hard, his own cock getting hard at the thought of the other alpha touching himself.

There was the wet squelch of a flesh light...

"Yeah, fucking /take it/"
Kirishima inhaled sharply, nails digging into the carpet and eyelids fluttering pleasure zipped up his spine.

His body felt warm and he melted against the wall, biting his lip to stop a moan as Bakugou hissed out another command
Kirishima pressed his ear to the wall, hanging on Bakugou's every word. He realized that he had never really listen to what the blond said at night because it was absolutely /filthy/ and Kirishima's body was reacting to every command to the best of its ability.
His ass clenched around nothing, his cock leaked so much pre it was obscene, he panted and moaned softly, tears even flowing at one point.

It wasn't until Bakugou said to present that Kirishima realized exactly what was happening.
Or rather, Kirishima's alpha, realized what was happening because the thought of presenting to another alpha made the redhead's stomach turn.

But even that sick feeling couldn't get him to pry himself away from the wall.
No wonder Bakugou thought he had been bitched.
Kirishima jumped when the a loud banging noise hit him. Bakugou was rocking the bed.

"That's right bitch, fucking /cum/" he growled.
Kirishima let out an aborted groan, his eyes rolling to the back of his skull and his muscles locking up as he popped a knot and came completely untouched in his boxers.
The redhead slid onto the floor, trying to catch his breath as he listened to Bakugou cleaning.

There was a pleasant buzzing in his mind, his muscles were relaxed and nothing ached, he didn't feel on edge anymore, but now he knew he had a problem.
He would have to talk to someone about it later but for now it was exhausted. The redhead crawled into bed and promptly fell asleep.

The next day Kirishima felt better than he had in awhile. He hummed as he got ready for classes and styled his hair properly.
He had almost forgotten his addiction issue until he left his room and saw Bakugou waiting for him.

"Took you long enough, shitty hair, let's go"
There was a pang of need in the back of his mind and he felt unbalanced, but it was no where as bad as the day before.

"S-sorry! Just a little stiff" he forced a smile and Bakugou clicked his tongue.

"Whatever, let's go"
Kirishima wanted him to keep talking. Usually Bakugou was quiet during their walks, letting the redhead ramble on.

"Y-yeah, so what did I miss?"

"Not much. Got you notes."


Normally there would be a comfortable silence, but now it made Kirishima's skin crawl.
"Any quizzes?"


"What are the notes about?"

"I'll show you after class"

Kirishima ground his teeth together.
Bakugou stiffened and growled at him.

"Scent patches."

Kirishima frowned "What?"

"Where are your scent patches? And what the fuck is your problem today? Who put a stick up your ass?"
Kirishima's hand flew up to the sides of his neck.

"I guess I forgot"

"How could you forget that?" Bakugou snapped, shrugging his backpack off and digging through it "and you didn't answer my question, what's up with you?"
Kirishima licked his lips.

"None of your business" he said defiantly

Bakugou scoweled, holding a set of scent patched out to him "tell me and put these on"

"Make me."

The blond blinked "shitty hair-"

"Make. Me."
The blond alpha let out a low threatening growl and he clenched his fists.

"Shitty hair, you need to-"

Kirishima started walking, knocking shoulders with Bakugou passed.

"The FUCK?!" He yelled, grabbing Kirishima's shoulder and spinning him back around.
The redhead could see the anger, but there was hurt there too.

"What is wrong with you?!"

"If you're really an alpha you would make me" Kirishima said, his heart pounding.

He felt a strange mix of guilt and anticipation as he saw Bakugou's face turn red with frustration
Bakugou bared his teeth and snarled, a sound more animal than human, the tension building in his shoulder.

Then the blond let out a sigh, glaring daggers into him as he slammed the scent patches against his chest and kept walking.

"Fuck you."
Kirishima's face fell.

"Bakugou wait!" He said but when he turned the blond took off running.

Kirishima felt like an asshole.
Bakugou avoided him the rest of the day and each passing hour got more uncomfortable. Kirishima's head throbbed, his bones felt sore, his skin felt too tight.

Everytime Bakugou opened his mouth the feeling got more intense.
Aizawa gave out a pop quiz and Kirishima was so out if it he didn't fill out any answers.

/not Bakugou's voice/ the redhead didn't react, breathing shallowly as he stared at the small black text on the page. A bead if sweat dripped off his nose, staining the white paper.
"Dude, are you ok?"

A hand fell on Kirishima's shoulder and he hissed at the contact, flinching away.


His eyes snapped up to Kaminari and Mina, the omegas looking at him with concerned looks on their faces.


"Class let out 5 minutes ago..." Mina said
"You should see recovery girl, dude, you look like you're gonna pass out"

"I'm fine I just..." /I need Bakugou/

"You're not fine, dude..."

Kirishima swallowed hard and forced a weak smile "I'm fine"
The walk back to the dorms was hard, he felt dizzy and weak. He didn't even notice when Tetsu said hi to him. The redhead went straight to his room and collapsed on the bed, curling himself in his covers and trembling violently.

Bakugou's dorm slammed, clothes fell to the floor
It was too early but Kirishima's ears perked up.
"Stupid fucking, mother fucking-" Bakugou cursed loudly.

Kirishima fell off the bed and crawled over to the wall, listening to the sound of the blond tearing his room apart.

"Stupid /stupid/ alpha, what the fuck. With the fucking 'mAkE Me' I'll fucking show him"
Oh Bakugou was mad at him still... Kirishima gnawed the inside of his cheek.

"Fucking, shitty hair" explosions went off on the other side of the wall.

The redhead head stood up on weak legs, his stomach churning from the movement. He needed to apologize.
Now wasnt the best time but he couldn't wait for tomorrow.
It seems to take forever to walk next door to Bakugou's room. Everything hurt, he had to harden his hand just to touch the door. To Kirishima's surprise it wasn't locked.

"Bakugou?" He called out quietly as he opened the door.
"-Make him //submit//!" Bakugou half yelled, whipping around after he heard the door opening.

Kirishima dropped like a stone.
"Oh shit!"

Kirishima was on his hands and knees, his head felt cloudy and numb in a good way. He was vaguely aware of the dull pain from where he hit the ground and the drool leaking out of his slack jaw.

"Kirishima, fuck, I didn't mean- are you ok?"
Bakugou kneeled next to him and Kirishima grabbed onto his shoulders, holding onto the blond with hardened fingers.


"Again!" Kirishima gasped, pulling the other alpha close "command me again!"
"What?! Oi, let go!" Bakugou pushed at Kirishima but the redhead held on tight.

"Command me to! Alpha, please!"

"/no/!" The blond shouted, cursing when it came out as a command.

Kirishima shivered, his hands relaxing enough for Bakugou to slip away.
"What the fuck?!"

"I need it!" Kirishima sobbed, falling back onto his hands "Bakugou!"
"What's wrong with you?"

"I-I need-" he gasped as big far tears streamed down his face "a-anything... I'll do anything, just command me please"

"I can't command you-"
"Yes you can! You fucking can!" Kirishima snapped, glaring at the blond, tears still falling "Weak alpha! Do it!"
Bakugou growled, his jaw flexing "M not weak"

"You are! Weak alpha! Bad alpha!"

The blond let out a shaky breath "You're sick Kirishima, you're not thinking straight"

"Don't you care about me? I'm in pain! Command me!"
"Kirishima" Bakugou took a slow step forwards, hands up like he was dealing with a scared animal "I'm going to take you to recovery girl"

"No! Just command me! That's all I need!" Kirishima stood up on trembling legs, wiping his face with the back of his hand.

"You don't care about me!"


"I bet you would command Midoriya!"
Bakugou's eyes narrowed into slits.

"Don't you /dare/ bring him into this" the blond hissed, fangs elongating as he stalked towards "don't you /dare/"

Kirishima barely suppressed a whine "y-you're mad 'cause it's true."

"Kirishima" Bakugou's voice was low and threatening.
"I bet you used to do it all the time too."

The alpha growled, a final warning.

"I bet you /liked/ it"

"/shut up/" Bakugou snarled, hand grabbing Kirishima's shirt collar, claws piercing through the fabric "/shut the fuck up/"
The redhead's legs buckled but Bakugou held him up by his shirt.

"You wanna be commanded by a real alpha?!" the blond growled, slamming Kirishima against the door "I fucking show you. /SUBMIT/"

Kirishima let out a strangled moan, his head falling to the side immediately.
"Weak alpha" Bakugou spat, dropping his collar and letting Kirishima slide to the ground.

The blond took a half step back and Kirishima grabbed onto his thighs with trembling hands.

"More? You submitted, I won"

"M-more. Command me more." Kirishima swallowed hard, eyes flicking to the clock on Bakugou's night stand


"You always say commands now. Say them like you always do"
Bakugou frowned, eyebrows knitting in confusion as he turned to follow Kirishima's eyes to the clock. The blond whipped back around, eyes wide.

"You heard"

"Alpha please"

"You're addicted..."

"I need it"

"This is my fault..."
The blond took another step back and Kirishima followed him on his knees, pawing at his legs desperately.

"I need it" the redhead repeated "please"

Bakugou shook his head, but Kirishima could see him swelling under his zipper.

"You need it too" the alpha licked his lips
Kirishima leaned forwards and nuzzled against Bakugou's steadily growing erection.

"Kirishima-" the blond groaned grabbing the redhead's hair and pushing him back.

"Command me~" the alpha moaned "if you want me to stop make me~"
"S-stop" Bakugou whispered, no power in his voice and he tugged on his hair again

"Make me" Kirishima said, sticking his tongue out and licking the wet spot forming in the blond's shorts.
"Oh god" Bakugou whined, his other hand gripping Kirishima's hair "/again/"
Kirishima's toes curled in his shoes and he licked Bakugou again, spit dripping out of the corners of his mouth.

"Fuck, Kirishima..." the blond pressed his face closer to his arousal "this is dangerous"
"I'll do anything" Kirishima groaned, words muffled as he mouthed Bakugou's cock through his pants "command me~"
The blond bit his lip hard, ripping off his scent patches and then Kirishima's.

"Take my pants off" he groaned "/take my pants off/"
Kirishima gasped and moaned, fireworks going off behind his eyelids as he practically tearing Bakugou's pants away.

"What next alpha? Command me through it"
"I shouldn't... Fuck..." the room already filling with the heavy scent of arousal, a low groan escaped his lips "/l-lick it, lick me/"

Kirishima obeyed immediately, licking all the way from Bakugou's heavy balls up to the leaking tip of his cock.
The blond threw his head back "/again/!"

Kirishima whimpered and repeated the motion slowly, looking up at Bakugou's with lust filled eyes.


"/wrap your lips around it and suck. /hard//"
Kirishima licked his lips before taking the alpha's cockhead in his mouth and hollowed his cheeks.

"Oh fuck" Bakugou thrust into Kirishima's hot mouth, hitting his tonsils before pulling back "/open your mouth wide, let me fuck your face/"
The alpha's grip on his hair was bordering on painful as Kirishima opened his mouth as wide as he possibly could.

Bakugou moaned at the sight, his pupils blown wide "stick your tongue out... /stick your tongue out/"
Kirishima complied and Bakugou guided himself into his mouth, his cock weighing down on his tongue as he pushed forwards until his cock hit the back again.

"/relax/" be commanded before pulling Kirishima's face the rest of the way down until his nose was buried in his pubes.
Kirishima swallowed around him, tears pricking at the corners of his eyes.

"Good alpha" Bakugou gasped holding his head firmly in place as Kirishima started to squirm "/stay/"
Kirishima couldn't breathe, he felt light headed, but the command held him in place. It was light his mind had been wrapped in a warm, weighted blanket. Even as darkness creeped in at the corners of his eyes and his body started to choke on reflex, he didn't feel uncomfortable.
He wanted to stay. It felt good to stay. /he/ was good for staying.

Bakugou reached down rubbing his cock through Kirishima's throat then cursed before pulling out, his half formed knot bumping against the other alpha's teeth.
"Dangerous..." Bakugou breathed backing up and sitting on the edge of the bed.

Kirishima stayed put, staring at his alpha with heavy lidded eyes.

"/come here/" he growled, stroking his spit covered length
Kirishima shivered, a smile tugging at the corners of his mouth as he crawled over to Bakugou, sitting between his legs. He looked at his alpha, face shiny with spit a tears he hadn't wiped away. Part of him wanted to stick his tongue out like Bakugou would want him to do.
But Kirishima needed him to command it. His body felt heavy without those commands, as if each of his fingers had a 50 pound weight attached to them.
Even his tongue felt heavy in his mouth, it was taking all his strength to look up at Bakugou instead of rest his head against the alpha's thigh.

Seconds felt like hours as he waited.
"Kirishima, fuck, don't look at me like that" Not a command. His bottom lip jutted out in a pout. "God... I want to fuck you so bad, always wanted to..."

Bakugou was visibly conflicted, probably fighting between his instincts and his rational mind.
Kirishima didn't want Bakugou to think about it. When he was thinking he wasn't commanding him, and when he wasn't commanding him Kirishima felt empty.

He did his best to pump out arousal and desire. He /wanted/ this.
Bakugou inhaled deeply and groaned, his cock twitching in his hand.


The blond was /still/ thinking. Kirishima's blissed out smile wavered

"This is wrong. Kirishima we have to stop"

His face fell "Alpha-"

"You're sick, Kirishima, I'm taking you to recovery girl"

"No!" Kirishima grabbed onto Bakugou's thighs again "I'm fine! Keep going!"

"Kirishima I can smell you. This isn't really what you want. I think-"

"Stop thinking!"

"Calm down!"

"Make me!"


Bakugou flinched and growled, grabbing Kirishima's face roughly "/don't command me/"

The redhead grabbed his wrist, still glaring "then stop thinking"
"I'm not going to command you again. I'm in control of myself, unlike you!"

/then lose control/


Bakugou frowned "wha-"

"/rut/ alpha, /RUT/"

"You cant-"

Bakugou pulled back as if Kirishima had burned him, breathing heavily as he stared at Kirishima in shock. The redhead crawled into the bed with him.

"Kiri-" Bakugou flexed his jaw, his scent already changing.

"//rut//" Kirishima commanded again, it was overkill at this point.
The alpha growled, pupils dilating until only a tiny sliver of red was left, canines extending, claws getting bigger.


The blond lunged at Kirishima, grabbing him by the hair and slamming him down onto the bed.
Bakugou pressed his face into the mattress so hard he could barely breathe. Kirishima struggled against the blond's hold, his inner alpha screaming, ready to fight.

"//submit//" Bakugou commanded right in to his ear "//stay still//"
Kirishima fell limp, moaning at the forceful command. He barely noticed when his clothes were torn away.

"//Breed. Knot. Claim//" Bakugou growled, each pointed word was like a bolt of electricity down Kirishima's spine.
((Uuuh warnings because it's gonna get a little rough... Dub con, very rough sex, no prep, feral baku treating alpha Kiri like an omega, Kiri gonna be walking funny tomorrow for sure... This'll be a happy ending eventually tho don't worry))
Bakugou held him down with a firm hand on the back to his neck, claws cutting into his skin.

"You're going to //take it//" the alpha snarled, rutting between kiri's cheeks as the redhead drooled and moaned.
His breath hitched when he felt Bakugou's cockhead press against his virgin hole. Kirishima finally snapped back to reality, his panic cutting through the hazy fog in his mind.

"B-bakugou! Wait!" His voice cracked as he tugged at the blond's wrist.

His body went limp again.

"It won't fit" he wheezed, squeezing his eyes shut as Bakugou pushed forwards.

It slipped and the alpha growled, adjusting his hips and trying again.
"//slick//" Bakugou hissed.

"I-I can't!" Kirishima gasped, his own cock drooling under him at the command
Bakugou huffed and shifted again, Kirishima stained his eyes to look behind him. He was just barely able to see the alpha open his mouth, spit oozing off his tongue. Kirishima shuddered when he felt Bakugou's spit on his entrance.
The alpha pressed against him against, rubbing the tip against Kirishima and pushing into it finally forced itself in. The redhead yelped, hardening and clenching against the intrusion.

"//no, bad alpha, submit//" Bakugou snapped "//Relax. Breed.//"
Kirishima whimpered, his muscles relaxing and allowing for Bakugou to slide in another inch.

"B-big" he gasped, eyes rolling back.

He was sweating so much, it made his fallen spikes stick to his forehead.
The blond pressed his chest against Kirishima's back and purred before sinking all the way until his knot kissed the rim.

"//good, relax//"
That command felt a million times stronger with the alpha inside him. The pleasant haze settled in Kirishima's mind again.
Bakugou pulled back slowly the feeling causing Kirishima's jaw to fall open in a silent scream before the alpha thrust forwards and punched the air out of his lungs. It burned, but not enough for the redhead to want to fight it. He could take it.
Bakugou's hand left his neck and traced down Kirishima's sides, leaving goosebumps in its wake. He put in whole weight on Kirishima instead, growling and moaning into his ear as his hips picked up the pace, his knot grinding against him, demanding entrance.
"//Breed. Knot. Claim.//" Bakugou repeated, nipping at his ear "//You feel so fucking good//"

Suddenly everything felt amazing. Kirishima screamed as his whole body became hyper sensitive, every ounce of discomfort or pain was replaced by pure burning pleasure.
Kirishima's body misunderstood Bakugou comment for an actual command.

"Alpha~" he cried, body shaking as as he came soaking the sheets beneath them.
Bakugou licked his scent gland, teeth ghosting over it as he began to thrust erratically.

"//knot//" he groaned, grinding his hips hard against Kirishima "//take my knot//"
The redhead let out a breathy moan and pushed back into Bakugou's thrusts.

"...Too big..." he said dreamily, still recovering from the intense orgasm he had

"//take it//"
Bakugou sat back on his knees, grabbed onto Kirishima's hips and forced the redhead back onto his knot, shifting his hips until it finally popped inside.
They moaned in unison, loud explosions going off against Kirishima's unhardened hips, but the alpha didn't notice the pain over the feeling of being /filled/ with alpha cum.
Kirishima's alpha did NOT like that. A growl rumbled low in his throat, teeth bared against the mattress.

"//claim//" Bakugou roared, the command wracked his entire being.
The redheads body wouldn't respond to him, his quirk wouldn't activate. His inner alpha cried out in anguish because when Bakugou bit him it would be over.
It wouldn't just be his secondary gender Kirishima lost. It would be /everything/. Bitched alpha's are even weaker than natural born one has. His quirk would be less powerful or just fade completely. He wouldn't be able to be a hero.
And Bakugou would get punished even if Kirishima explained what happened. He would go to jail, provisional license revoked, kicked out if UA. It would ruin Bakugou too.

This was all his fault.
The temperature dropped suddenly. It was so cold it burned. Kirishima heard the sound of teeth against something hard.

"Bakugou. What are you doing to Kirishima?"
Kirishima opened his eyes and looked up to find Todoroki standing on the balcony and Bakugou's entire room covered in ice.

"//fuck off! Mine!//"

Kirishima's body was frozen in place, but he could feel Bakugou's hands burning on his hips.

"Kirishima are you-"
"Don't tell Aizawa!" Kirishima yelled, hardening his skin against the cold "it was my fault, it wasn't Bakugou!"
Todoroki made a face "Bakugou clearly knotted you"

"I'll e-e-explain" Kirishima shivered, his voice hard to hear over Bakugou's feral snarling.
Todoroki shrugged and walked over, putting a warm hand on Kirishima's head to thaw him out while keeping Bakugou incased in ice.

"//don't touch! Mine!//"

"Yeah ok" The beta responded, taking his hand back.
"I'm going to need help though I can't keep Bakugou in ice forever."

"M-muzzle" Kirishima said, pointing to Bakugou's dresser with a shaky finger.
"You need to tell the teachers, Kirishima" Todoroki said after Bakugou had been muzzled and the redhead had explained exactly what happened "it's going to happen again."
"But... But I can't" Kirishima mumbled, shifting uncomfortably in Bakugou's lap and pulling the blanket up higher to cover his chest "Bakugou will get in trouble"

"You don't have much choice"

"I can handle this on my own"
Todoroki raised an eyebrow "Kirishima you still have Bakugou's knot in your ass. I don't think you can handle this by yourself"
Bakugou growled, wrapping his arms tightly around Kirishima's waist and grinding his hips up, making the redhead whimper.

"How long is he gonna be like that?"

"I don't know..."
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